The Split viewers reeling as Hannah decides NOT to sleep with Christie

‘You should have gone in!’ The Split fans crushed as Hannah FINALLY appears ready to give in to her former flame’s advances – only to lose her nerve and have the door slammed in her face

  • Hannah almost slept with Christie in last night’s penultimate episode of The Split
  • She had just discovered that her husband Nathan had cheated on her four times
  • Hannah lost her nerve while stood at Christie’s door and he gave up on her 
  • Viewers were furious, and questioned why she wouldn’t run off with him
  • The pair have obvious chemistry and had slept together before Hannah married

After weeks of tension between leading lady Hannah and her handsome colleague – and former flame – Christie in The Split, fans were convinced they would finally give in to their attraction in last night’s episode. 

After high-flying lawyer Hannah learned the extent of her husband Nathan’s cheating, she arrived at Christie’s door in the middle of the night, apparently ready to act on his advances – only to hesitate once again, leaving viewers crushed. 

When Hannah appeared to lose her never, a frustrated Christie – who has made no secret of his enduring feelings for the woman he slept with the night before she married someone else – slammed the door in her face.   

The let down prompted a stream of tweets from disappointed viewers, who declared: ‘You should have gone in!’

Hannah turned up at Christie’s door in the middle of the night in last night’s episode of The Split but didn’t sleep with him

On last week’s show, Hannah discovered that her husband Nathan had been using the illicit dating website Indiana Ray, but he insisted he had only logged on out of curiosity, and hadn’t cheated.

But a doubtful Hannah hired a private investigator to uncover the truth, and Nathan admitted to sleeping with a woman he met on the site four times.

Hannah left their family home and went out to a party with her sisters, before stumbling to Christie’s flat apparently to sleep with him.

But she couldn’t go through with it, leaving viewers disappointed that she didn’t use the opportunity get her own back on her unfatiful husband.

Viewers were furious that Hannah didn’t go through with it, with many saying she should have gone into Christie’s flat

One tweeted: ‘Honestly Hannah I would totally have gone in, why couldn’t you?’

‘WHY DIDNT YOU GO IN HANNAH? WHY???’ another posted.

A third said: ‘No Hannah!!! You should have gone in.’

‘I want Hannah and Christie to be together,’ a fourth agreed.

Hannah did toy with the idea, and admitted to Christie that she nearly ran away with him just hours before she married Nathan.

A frustrated Christie shut the door in Hannah’s face, saying he was ‘done’ with her mixed signals

Nathan cheated on Hannah four times after meeting a woman on an illicit dating website

Christie was frustrated with the back and forth, and asked her to finally admit to herself what she wanted.

She said: ‘After you’d gone I laid there just willing myself to do it, willing myself to walk out of there. I was going to come, I was. I was going to tell Nathan but my mother’s alarm clock went off, I was getting married in three hours. 

‘I could hear them all getting ready, they were all so excited and I couldn’t do it, I couldn’t leave. I didn’t leave.’

Christie appeared to give up on her, telling her he was ‘done’ with the will they/won’t they between them and slammed the door in Hannah’s face.

Hannah hired a private investigator to discover the truth after Nathan denied meeting anyone from the website

She stormed out of the family home after realising she couldn’t hide her feelings from their children

With just one episode left to go, viewers will have to wait and see if the pair do end up together, or if Hannah goes back to Nathan. 

The Split has been rocked by endless infidelities from several members of Hannah’s family.

This week saw her sister Rose reunite with her fiance James after, in a moment of madness, she groped the vicar who was meant to be marrying them.

Her secret and the whole family’s secrets were drunkenly exposed by their other sister Nina, who dropped several bombshells at an explosive dinner party. 

Hannah’s sister Rose has reunited with her fiance James after she groped the vicar that was meant to be marrying them

viewers will have to wait and see if the pair do end up together, or if Hannah goes back to Vathan

Nina also revealed that Nathan had drunkenly hit on her days before, which was the start of his problems with Hannah.

His name was on the list of leaked names of users on Indiana Ray, not dissimilar to the real-life Ashley Madison data leak a few years back.

While he denied that he had ever met anyone from the website, Hannah couldn’t shake her doubt, which was confirmed last night.

She has known Christie for years and the sexual tension between the two has been evident from the first episode, though hasn’t acted on her feelings since they slept together.

The Split concludes next Tuesday at 9pm on BBC One 

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