Stacey Solomon makes incredible vase from a detergent bottle and it’s so easy to create at home

Stacey Solomon has shared yet another genius home hack, and it’ll have you reaching for your detergent bottle in seconds!

The 30 year old mum of three took to Instagram to show the hack to her 3.4 million followers.

Stacey, who recently shared her skincare routine, posted a snap of the simple elements needed to create the statement vase, including an empty fabric softener bottle, your chosen pampas, glue sticks, which you can find on Amazon for £2.50 for 20, and rope.

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The star popped a ‘tap to tidy’ label on the video, which is a Stacy staple used on videos when she’s about to spruce up a messy space or create something incredible.

In need of a vase, the X-Factor star explained: “I just carried on flying over the handle and it worked,” whilst beginning her project by removing the top of the plastic bottle and placing glue on the rope.

The star then wrapped the rope round the bottle repeatedly until no plastic was left in sight, et voila!

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She placed her chic and modern pampas inside and revealed a very beautiful finished product which reminded Stacey of the clouds, as she fondly penned.

The Loose Women star recently showed her followers how to make a gift which was essentially a quirky artwork using lego men for Father’s Day.

Showing her materials on her Instagram stories, which included lego characters and scrabble pieces, Stacey wowed fans with the easy DIY gift.

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She captioned it: “Pickle is down on his morning nap…Zach is distracting Hoe (Joe Swash) on a walk so I can make his Father’s Day present.

“It’s taken hours of scrolling through eBay to find Lego characters of Hoe and the boys”.

Stacey showcased her first steps which were: “Make up Lego family. Undo frame take out paper. Measure where the characters go."

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She then outlined the next steps in the process, including sticking the lego models to the piece of paper that goes inside the frame.

She wrote on the video: “Glue them down. glue on scrabble letters. Write names underneath in pencil first to make sure you’re happy. Draw over in pen.”

Using her trademark "Tap To Make" method, wherein the star shares before and after shots of what she has created, Stacey revealed the finished product.

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