Star Hobson's killer Savannah Brockhill walks around prison grinning

Savannah Brockhill who murdered one-year-old Star Hobson can’t leave her cell without ‘four to five guards’ to prevent attacks at HMP Styal – but still strolls around with a ‘big grin’ on her face, documentary reveals

  • Savannah Brockhill is serving a minimum of 25 years at Styal prison in Cheshire
  • She killed her girlfriend’s daughter by punching or kicking her in the stomach 
  • Brockhill has spent thousands of pounds on gifts for relatives since being jailed
  • Anonymous inmate revealed killer can’t step out of her cell without guards 

An inmate at HMP Styal has revealed the special measures put in place to make sure prisoners don’t attack child killer Savannah Brockhill. 

Brockhill, 29, is serving a life sentence of minimum 25 years at the Cheshire prison, for murdering her girlfriend’s daughter Star Hobson, 16 months, while the youngster’s mother, Frankie Smith, 20, was handed an eight-year sentence for allowing her daughter’s death. 

Speaking in Channel 5’s documentary HMP Styal: Women Behind Bars last night an inmate who was incarcerated at the prison when Brockhill was thrown in recalled seeing the convicted murderer flanked by ‘four to five’ guards at a time when she stepped out of her cell. 

This was to prevent other inmates from attacking Brockhill during her time at Styal, where child killers and pedophiles have to be kept apart from the rest of the prison population for their own safety. 

The unnamed inmate revealed that the former security guard would walk around the prison with a ‘big grin’ on her face. 

Viewers were engrossed by the documentary and noted some inmates looked like they needed help and not jail time. 

Savannah Brockhill, who killed 16-months-old Star Hobson in 2020, has to be flanked by four to five officers when she gets out of her cell at HMP Styal, a documentary has revealed 

Star (pictured) died after being ‘punched, stamped on, or kicked’, Bradford Crown Court previously heard

‘We’ve all seen it on the news, but then to have the actual person be actually thrown into Styal,’ the inmate was heard saying in the documentary. 

‘Everyone was at the windows, everyone was screaming, shouting.

‘But luckily enough, we were all locked in at the certain time  [she came in] so no one can get to her,’ she added.

The same inmate recounted seeing Brockhill walk around the prison’s wing. 

HMP Styal: Women Behind Bars aired last night on Channel 5 and shed a light on the infamous Cheshire prison, pictured 

Savannah working as a bouncer before she killed Star in 2020 and was sent to prison in late 2021 

The youngster’s mother, Frankie Smith, 20, was handed an eight-year sentence for allowing her daughter’s death

Savannah pictured with Star before she battered her to death in 2020. She has shown no remorse since being sent to jail 

‘But then as time was going on, she was let out to walk around the jail,’ she said. 

‘But she was always with officers, guarding her, like four or five officers,’ she said. 

‘She would have a big grin on her face. You don’t go and do that to your kid and go walk around the prison with a big smile on your face thinking no one’s gonna get you,’ she added. 

‘I don’t know how she can live with herself knowing that she did that and she’s still walking around with a big smile on her face.’ 

Convicts who have killed, harmed or abused children are the most at risk of being attacked by other inmates, the documentary revealed.  

‘Anybody coming into prison who murdered a child are treated badly. It is the worst crime that could be committed,’ former prison governor Veronica Bird said. 

Another inmate, who chose to hide their identity, explained many prisoners who can’t see their own children will resent child murderers. 

‘There are a lot of women in there who can’t see their children. Who have lost children because of things that happened.

‘And then we’re mixing with women who killed children or raped children. It’s not good, especially with women because we’re so protective as mums and stuff,’ she added. 

Another unnamed inmate said: ‘One woman now who is in, they had a dead baby skeleton in their wardrobe and they tried to put her once on the house that I was on and she didn’t last half an hour, nobody would have it.

Savannah Brockhill (left), Star Hobson’s killer stepmother is alleged to have joked with fellow prisoners that she has ‘buried three more babies’. Pictured right: Star’s mother Frankie Smith, 20, who was handed an eight-year sentence for allowing her daughter’s death

‘How can you have a skeleton of your baby in your wardrobe?’

Veronica recalled a time where the prison was afraid that the infamous Myra Hindley would be sent to Styal. 

‘They were plotting what they would do to Myra, and so they were watching daily to make sure Myra Hindley didn’t come into Styal.

Crime author Geoffrey Wansell said: ‘I think they find the killing of a child by their mother even more horrible.

‘It’s the worse of all possible crimes. They should be there to treasure and nurture their children. And the fact that they choose to kill them, is beyond imagination,’ he added. 

Viewers were engrossed by the documentary and noted some inmates looked like they needed help and not jail time. 

‘How the officers can protect her after what she done to that little girl walking round with smile on her face,’ one said of Brockhill. 

‘And we got women trying for years to have a baby. Strange world we live in,’ another wrote. 

‘This is very grim. Some of these women need help, not prison,’ another said.  

Viewers were engrossed by the documentary and noted some inmates looked like they needed help and not jail time

Star Hobson’s killer stepmother is also alleged to have joked with fellow prisoners that she has ‘buried three more babies’.

Former inmate Amy Louise Cowan claimed in January she overheard Brockhill joking about killing three other children, Sunday People reported.

Cowan claimed to have been cleaning the wing of the prison where Brockhill is being kept on New Year’s Day, when she heard the words.

She added that: ‘Savannah is cold and callous. I never once saw her cry.’

Cowan also claimed that Brockhill was left angry by the sentence handed to Smith, saying ‘it’s not right’. 

During her trial, Bradford Crown Court heard details of the horrific injuries inflicted upon Star and the vicious treatment she suffered at the hands of Brockhill and Smith.

Star’s fleeting life came to an end after being ‘punched, stamped on, or kicked’ in the stomach by Brockhill, while Smith left the living room to go to the bathroom, the court heard.

The savagery in September last year left Star with a ruptured vein that led to bleeding in her abdominal cavity.

Cowan told Sunday people that Brockill was known to refer to Star as ‘my girl’, saying that she missed the girl every day, but then on other days would blame her for causing trouble with Smith. 

Now, serving her sentence at HMP Styal (pictured), in Cheshire, Brockhill has allegedly joked around killing other children

Smith was given just eight years in prison – meaning she could be out in four – after a judge reduced her sentence to account for the ‘burden’ of knowing she played a significant role in the death of her 16-month-old daughter. 

Star’s family previously slammed the ‘staggeringly soft’ sentences handed out and urged the Attorney General to review the case under the unduly lenient sentencing scheme.

While Star Hobson’s mother was also warned she is a ‘marked woman’ after being put on the lifers’ wing at HMP New Hall where notorious serial killer Rose West is also locked up. 

Pictured: An aerial view of HMP New Hall, Flockton, Wakefield, West Yorkshire, where Smith is serving her eight-year prison sentence

Smith is understood to be serving her time in a single cell alongside ‘lifers’ at the closed category prison in West Yorkshire.

However, she is said to have a target on her back and is a likely target of an attack after details of Star’s death emerged at trial. 

A source told The Sun Online: ‘She’s a marked woman and it won’t be long before someone gets to her.

‘She’s on the lifers’ wing so there are plenty of women with very little to lose who will attack her for the price of a few bars of chocolate or some toiletries.’  

In an alarming post online, another person wrote: ‘Leave her cell door open’. 

HMP Styal: Women Behind Bars is available on My5.

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