Starbucks slammed for selling hot chocolate to kids with more sugar than the recommended daily amount

STARBUCKS has been slammed for selling a hot chocolate for kids which contains more sugar than a day’s recommended total.

The 236ml “short-sized” drink has 20.1g of sugar per single serving — equivalent to five teaspoons.

The daily limit for four to six-year-olds is 19g.

Seven to ten-year-olds are supposed to have only 24g, while the 215-calorie treat has two thirds the 30g target for those 11 and over.

The drink — the same as the adult version, but not as hot — is served as standard with semi-skimmed milk and whipped cream.

Extras such as a marshmallow or flake can be added.

A spokesman for the British Dental Association said: “Tooth decay is the number one reason for hospital admissions among young children.

“We urgently require industry to play its role in weaning Britain off its addiction to sugar.”



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Starbucks says that one way to reduce sugar is to get the hot chocolate without whipped creamCredit: Getty – Contributor

Lucy Jones, of the British Dietetic Association, suggested hot frothy milk as a healthier alternative.

A Starbucks spokesman said: “We offer ways to reduce sugar, including no whipped cream.”

In November The Sun revealed Starbucks was selling festive coffees containing as much sugar as seven chocolate doughnuts.

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