Strictly: Jamie Laing’s ‘confident’ body language shows he ‘takes control’ with Karen

Strictly: Karen Hauer jokes Jamie Laing is an 'ugly duckling'

Jamie Laing has made it to the final of Strictly Come Dancing 2020. While in the competition, body language expert Judi James explained his confidence has improved.

Jamie was originally meant to take part in the reality dance show in 2019 but a foot injury pushed his place back a year.

When he returned, Judi claimed he showed lots of enthusiasm and joy to be part of the competition.

Speaking exclusively with, she said: “There was never any doubt about Jamie’s level of enthusiasm for this competition, especially as he missed the last series thanks to an injury.

“The man is like a human puppy-dog, all wide-eyes and boundless energy that he uses up as much off the floor as on it. The worry after week one was whether he had any intrinsic sense of rhythm and ability to dance to the beat.

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“Karen seemed to have picked up on that when she placed him firmly in the box marked ‘comic turn’, a job that should have been earmarked for Bill Bailey before he turned out to be taking the whole show very seriously indeed.”

In his first week, the expert explained Jamie showed some obvious nerves.

She continued: “Jamie’s white jeans were more like ballet-tights and his body language showed he was well out of his comfort zone as he stood biting his lip and waiting for his cue at the start.

“His hips and his legs swung about out of time with the music and despite his keenness his thumb wasn’t cocked, which is a little like a puppy with its tail between its legs rather than wagging.

“Jamie was watching Karen throughout and lost his steps part way through. At the end of the routine he performed denial gestures like a facial grimace to suggest he felt he’d done badly. His confidence looked at its lowest ebb here.”

While he may have struggled in the beginning, it was half way through the series that he seemed to show himself as a strong competitor.

“Week five was probably Jamie’s strongest week to date. He appeared to have enlisted Karen into his ‘posse’ by this stage, which is a state he clearly showed he enjoyed in Made in Chelsea,” Judi said.

“He was calling her a ‘friend for life’ and he appeared to have minimised his dance fears by taking control of the relationship as well as their routines.

“This Couples’ Choice saw Jamie looking like the pro dancer. He led most of the moves without a glance at Karen and he got to showcase his energy as well as his talent for precise timing.

“Jamie was now strutting and celebrating after his routines, hugging Karen’s head and air-punching to signal he’d managed and overpowered any of his own confidence issues on the dancefloor.”

During his impressive week five performance, Jamie appeared more confident and seemed to take the lead with his partner.

The expert suggested he used his new confidence to power through any trials in the following weeks.

She said: “In week eight, Jamie had the problem of having peaked on week five and, a bit like Bill Bailey, he needed another killer dance to perform alongside his Couples’ Choice for the finale.

“He was clearly managing his confidence and resilience despite being in the dance-off and his body language displays suggest he was burning it as fuel rather than being consumed by the slap-downs.”

It was announced last week Jamie had secured a place in the final.

Despite being in the bottom in recent weeks, Judi suggested he could still take the Glitterball trophy.

She added: “He is currently the underdog and that might work in his favour if he can keep away from the viewer-vote-dropping semi-comic routines like his ‘Country Boy’ one last week and pull a breath-takingly romantic and pitch-perfect slow dance out of the bag to capture the votes of fans of Ranvir and Giovanni.”

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