Stripper Surprises Senior Care Resident to Fulfill 'Fireman with Big Biceps' Christmas Wish

“He made me feel like I was young again, I loved every second,” the delighted woman exclaimed.

An elderly woman in Suffolk county, England might have been on Santa’s nice list this year, but she got a naughty surprise in the form of a stripper with a "large chest and big biceps."

The staff at Glastonbury Court care home in Bury St. Edmunds wanted to grant the unnamed woman’s request after she placed a note for a "fireman" to strip it all off on the home’s "wishing tree," according to BBC News.

And grant it they did, as two weeks ago, the residents’ Christmas got a little brighter when a male exotic dancer showed up to entertain the young-at-heart crowd with his smooth moves and oiled up physique.

A few of the wide-eyed ladies even dropped some tips in the stripper’s underwear. Ah, the holidays.

"I thought that he was amazing — I wish he could visit us every day," said the resident who made the racy wish, "He made me feel like I was young again, I loved every second."

Managers at the home said most holiday requests involve "a beach trip or a nice afternoon tea," and that a stripper is "not the typical kind of visitor," but the unlikely affair was a welcome addition to their Christmas customs.

Home manager Sharlene Van Tonder added that they were "keen to ensure that there are no limitations so that every day can be different and fun."

Cheers to that!

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