Supernatural Producer Cyrus Yavneh Dies Age 75

Producer of the hit TV series Supernatural, Cyrus Yavneh, has died at the age of 75.

Although Yavneh may not have been a household name, he was an invaluable presence in Hollywood and had a hand in many popular TV shows and movies. Not only did he produce 24 as well as the first three seasons of Supernatural, but he also directed feature films and worked as a production manager. Yavneh was nominated for Emmies, Golden Globes, and a variety of other prestigious awards over the course of his 40-year career.

Our dear friend Cyrus Yavneh, producer of 60 episodes of SUPERNATURAL. We lost him January 24, the anniversary of the death of our beloved Kim Manners.

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According to Page Six, Yavneh passed away on Jan. 25, 2018, after a prolonged battle with lung cancer. He is the second Supernatural producer to fall prey to the disease after Kim Manners passed away two weeks after his 58th birthday in 2009. The show made its debut in September 2005 and follows two brothers, Sam and Dean, as they battle against otherworldly forces. The show has maintained its popularity (largely down to Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles in the main roles) and continues to run, having just completed its thirteenth season. It has the distinction of being the CW networks longest running show.

Actor Jim Beaver, who plays Bobby Singer in the show, took to Instagram to pay tribute to his former colleague. “Our dear friend Cyrus Yavneh, producer of 60 episodes of SUPERNATURAL,” he wrote. “We lost him January 24, the anniversary of the death of our beloved Kim Manners.” The rest of the cast chose not to post any public tributes to Yavneh on their social media sites.

Yavneh was born in Belarus, before coming to New York after World War I. He attended Music and Art High School and the City College of New York. In an interview with OCA Magazine in 2016, he briefly detailed his career development.

“I worked as a dance band musician, Las Vegas major showroom stage manager, apprentice actor, film technician and chief cook and bottle washer for a traveling magic illusionist show. I was very fortunate to experience the last of the vaudevillian age. At 25 I decided it was time to get a real job, by that I mean a weekly paycheck. I was hired as assistant production manager in the New York office of Rose-Magwood.”

He is survived by his wife and two children, Rose and Alexander.

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