‘Superstore’ Cast Gushes Over Chrissy Metz’s Cameo & Begs For ‘This Is Us’ Crossover Episode

Yes, please! ‘This Is Us’ star Chrissy Metz joins the Cloud 9 team for ‘Superstore’s upcoming May 9th episode and now everyone — but mostly the cast — is looking to do the NBC crossover no one saw coming, but we all really need.

Sorry, not sorry, but why should Dick Wolf and all those Chicago people have all the fun? As Superstore starts to wind down another hilarious season, the cast welcomes NBC network darling and best of the Big 3 on This Is Us star Chrissy Metz for a wild new episode on May 9. Chrissy will play Luanne, an “all-business” corporate human resources rep, who is shockingly called in to the St. Louis branch store to investigate some embarrassing tweets that have gone viral. We caught up with the cast to find out how Chrissy fit in with the gang and if there’s a chance of getting a crossover This Is Us Superstore episode next year.

“What a monster of a person,” Ben Feldman joked when we spoke to him and the cast EXCLUSIVELY at FYC event held NBC, about Chrissy on the show. “No, I love Chrissy. I have loved her forever and she fit perfectly in. She seemed kind of nervous and was humble, but she is a really funny person in real life, so it’s easy to be funny on TV. She did great.” In fact, according to Mark McKinney, who plays lovable Glenn, Chrissy did so well on the show, she’s actually joining the staff full-time!

“She has left,” Mark teased. “This is an exclusive. She has left This Is Us. She had such a good time and now she is going to play a corporate officer from Cloud 9…Oh my gosh, can you imagine!” Actually, Mark, we can, and so could other members of the Cloud 9 team. While talking about how much fun it was to have Chrissy on set, we poised the idea of a crossover episode of of the two hit NBC shows — and the team is totally on board.

“Yeah! Yeah! I would love that!” Nico Santos, who plays sassy Mateo shared.  “[Costar] Lauren Ash has been saying for years that we should do a Superstore / This Is Us crossover. It would be a comedy scene, if it was on our show, and then we would see the same scene on their show and it would be very dramatic. That is Lauren Ash’s idea.” Well, apparently, it’s an idea that is shared by many on the cast. “That is a giant fantasy with all of this,” Ben continued. “America Ferrera  thinks that it is her alone fantasy and she came up with it, but we have talked about it forever. We want to do an episode.”

So, what exactly would happen in this dramatic-hilarious, star-studded episode of NBC dramady? “It is so easy for Chrissy to come to us because she kind of knew what to do,” Mark added. “But I don’t know what I would do on This Is Us!  Probably come in and deliver some bad news in a humorous way. ‘Yeah, the disease is back!’ ‘Sorry, I got your mail!’ On a very special This Is Us — the idiot relatives show up!” We’ve heard worst ideas.

Chrissy Metz’s episode of Superstore airs on NBC, Thursday May 9th, at 8:00pmEST. Don’t miss it!

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