T.I.’s Mom ‘Urging’ Tiny To ‘Forgive’ His ‘Mistake’ With Alleged Side Chick Asia’h Epperson

T.I.’s mom is pleading with Tiny to give him another chance after he was seen cuddling up with Asia’h Epperson! A source close to Tiny told HL EXCLUSIVELY whether forgiveness is in the cards of T.I.!

T.I. is still in the dog house with Tiny Harris after getting caught slapping the butt of his alleged side chick Asia’h Epperson. A source close to Tiny EXCLUSIVELY gave us the deets about how Tiny is handling the news of T.I.’s alleged side piece. “Tiny is getting a lot of pressure to forgive Tip for his mistake with Asia’h,” our source said. “Tiny is very close to Tip’s mom Violeta, and she’s been urging Tiny to find it in her heart to forgive Tip. Violeta doesn’t want this to destroy their beautiful family. Violeta’s been pushing Tiny to to remember all the good times and focus on that. Tip’s mom is his biggest cheerleader. Violeta will always make excuses for her son. The thing is, it is working on Tiny because she truly does not want to break up her family. She’s very open to hearing what her mother-in-law is saying.”

However, Violeta isn’t the only one trying to advise Tiny on what to do. “Of course, there are people in Tiny’s life, especially her girlfriends, who are telling her she deserves better,” our source went on to say. “Tiny isn’t making any final decisions right now on what to do as far as her and Tip. She wants to keep this a private matter and take her time to decide.

Of course, Tiny is just trying to be level-headed through all this drama. “In the meantime she’s just doing her best to stay positive and grateful for all the good things in her life,” our source said. “She knows she has a lot to be thankful for. She’s leaning on her Spirituality and having faith that it will all work out for the best.”

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