T.I. Went Straight From Jail To His Son’s Tenth Birthday Party — Is Tiny Mad At Him?

Just hours after being arrested for disorderly conduct, T.I. was at his son’s birthday party like nothing had even happened. Was Tiny okay with the situation? We have the EXCLUSIVE details here!

Nothing could stop T.I. from missing his son, Major Harris‘ birthday party, not even an early morning arrest. Despite getting picked up by cops outside his gated community for disorderly conduct, T.I. managed to get out of jail and get to his son’s 10th birthday party right on time. His wife, Tiny Harris, shared footage from the party on Instagram live that showed him all smiles as he hugged his kids, played with balloons, and ate pizza with an ecstatic Major. It was so cute! But Tiny was behind the camera the whole time. Did she have a smile on her face, too, or was she secretly fuming BTS at her husband?

It’s not that Tiny’s mad, per say. She was just worried out of her mind about her husband, a source told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY. “Tiny was a nervous wreck. She had the most hellish night waiting for Tip to get out of jail. She couldn’t sleep. She couldn’t help imagine losing him again. It would break her heart after everything they’ve been through. She was so scared of what would happen to him in custody that she cried tears of relief when he made it back into her arms this morning.”

Poor Tiny! That had to have been so scary for her and her family. She and T.I. are furious about the arrest, which they believe was unjust and that he was “targeted over the color of his skin,” says the source. “Obviously, this was a horrible thing to have happen and Tip is furious over the injustice of it,” a source told us. “But T.I. wasn’t going to let it ruin his special day with his son. And Tiny rides hard for Tip, so if he says he was targeted and arrested unjustly then she believes him one hundred percent. She has his back all the way on this.”

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