Take A Look Inside The Multi-Million-Dollar Eco Friendly Homes Of These Celebrities

Once they become famous and influential, celebrities can afford many things, like houses, cars, jewelry, and more. But some of them prefer to invest in something more meaningful and impactful – environmentally friendly housing. It’s not about spending lots of money, but about respecting the principle of “sustainable architecture” and being mindful of the way of living. Plus, celebrities can inspire their fans to keep an eco-friendly lifestyle. So, here’s the list of the celebs you can be proud of.

9 Gisele Bundchen And Tom Brady

This celebrity couple owns a 22,000 square feet chateau home in Brentwood, L.A. They have lots of eco-friendly stuff, like solar panels on the roofs, energy-efficient lighting and appliances, rainwater recycling systems… Well, those seem like a bonus to eight bedrooms, six car garages, a lagoon, and a wine cellar. It’s actually said that Bundchen is a global environmentalist, who supports sustainability and environmental conservation. So, you can combine luxury and eco-friendly housing, can’t you?

8 Julia Roberts

A skate park, a swimming pool, a tennis court, and of course, huge greenhouses, sprawling vegetation, and solar panels. It’s a perfect combination for a green 6,000 square feet Malibu house, don’t you think? By the way, the Hollywood star spent $20 mln to make her home eco-friendly.

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7 Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Brad Hall

One more environmentally friendly celebrity, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, made a green renovation of a 1930s-era house in Montecito, California. The HBO star (you know “Veep,” right?) with her husband, Brad Hall, got many non-polluting items in their green house. Are you curious? Here’s what they have: solar water heating, energy-efficient appliances, retractable sunroof (yes, the one that draws warm air up and out of the home), sustainable hardwoods, and ample natural daylighting. The famous couple cooperated with Kathryn Ireland, a “Million Dollar Decorators” star, and David Hertz, a Santa Monica-based sustainable architect, who worked on the well-known Wing House.

6 Leonardo DiCaprio

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It’s no news Leo DiCaprio is into environmental issues and sustainable development. Have you heard of Delos Living? It’s the first eco-friendly real estate. There are vitamin C showers, lights reducing jet lag, posture supporting oak floors, hot-yoga rooms, and much more environmentally friendly stuff. Leo joined the advisory board in 2014 and owns several residents, like the West Village bachelor pad or 66 East 11th Street in Greenwich Village.

5 Lisa Ling

A famous TV journalist, a host of the 2008 docuseries “Planet in Peril,” Lisa Ling owns the first carbon-neutral residence in Santa Monica, which has a LEED Platinum certification. “We buried a 5,000-gallon water tank, we have over 60 soar panels, we’re not having any grass — all succulents,”said the star to MNN in 2011. Well, it seems there are more green perks in the house. It has passive cooling, LED lighting, zero-VOC paints and finishes, a high level of insulation, an EV-charging station, and more. By the way, Ling donated some not reused building materials to Habitat for Humanity. Such a fine gesture, huh?

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4 Ed Begley Jr.

Begley Jr. is totally into ecology. He keeps a low impact living and owns a reality TV program about his life with a small carbon footprint. He also launched a natural cleaning product line, wrote some books (guess on what topic), and he takes part in every green-related trade show. Ed owned a solar-powered Studio City bungalow of a 1930-era style but sold it seven years ago. “There was nothing green about it, except it was small enough not to be an energy burden,” he shared with the New York Times. Well, in 2016, the eco enthusiast and his wife, Rachelle Carson, built a new, 3,896 square feet residence. The house features a bath with tile crafted from recycled bottles, a chlorine-free pool purified by an ozone system, a hardwood floor reused from barns, and fruit trees in the front yard. That’s not all; there’s a two-car garage with electric car chargers equipped with solar panels. And, obviously, the house has LEED Platinum certification.

3 Bryan Cranston

The famous “Breaking bad” actor redesigned a beach villa with the help of John Turturro. It’s the first passive-house-certified residence built in Ventura County, and it’s Platinum LEED-certified as well. The 2,396 square feet house has three bedrooms and 3,5 baths. Plus, there are water heating and photovoltaic solar panels, radiant heated floors, a tank for rainwater collection, high-performance doors, and, of course, recycled materials. By the way, Cranston’s eco-friendly home got recognized by the Passive House Alliance, “My wife, Robin, and I want to combine both form and function, and show the world that sustainable living doesn’t mean that there’s no indoor plumbing or that it will impinge on a modern lifestyle. We have qualified for the highest level of ‘green’ building in the country, and will strive to achieve the highest level of style and comfort too. We know we will have succeeded if our guests ask incredulously, ‘This is a green home?'” It seems he has a lot of ambitions in that matter.

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2 Daryl Hannah

The 1980s Hollywood celebrity and a biodiesel queen is also an environmentalist. Did you know she became a vegetarian at the age of 11? Also, she was even arrested for her eco-friendly activities. Unsurprisingly, Hannah owns a house with passive and active solar technologies, an organic garden, a backup biodiesel generator, and gray water recycling.

1 Johnny Depp

Some celebrities own real estate, but others prefer something bigger. Islands, for example. In 2004, Johnny Depp purchased a Bahamian island, which he then called Little Hall’s Pond Cay. Apart from perfect scenery and crystal-clear water around (with six beaches, by the way), there are solar outbuildings. Perfect place for having a rest.

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