‘Tan Mom’ Patricia Krentcil Competes In Beauty Battle

The notorious New Jersey mom competes against Pale Mom.

Tan Mom has transformed into Glam Mom. Patricia Krentcil, the notorious New Jersey mom who made headlines for allegedly bringing her five-year-old daughter to a tanning bed with her in 2012, recently competed in a Jersey-based Beauty Battle. And the heavily bronzed mom of four actually won the competition, according to Page Six.

Krentcil, now 50, sat down for her makeover with professional makeup artist Linda Fanelli as they competed in Damon Feldman’s Beauty Battle of the Makeup Artists for RVN TV, where she ultimately beat out fellow competitor, Pale Mom, aka RVN’s Lori Reynolds.

Ahead of the competition to see which makeup artist could pull off the best beauty transformation, The Blast spoke to Krentcil and makeup pro Fanelli, who teased her muse’s final look would be completely different and “glamorous.”

While Krentcil’s new, made up look did make her look different, there was no mistaking that tan. It seems old habits die hard for Tan Mom. Not only did she get a fresh coat of spray paint ahead of the competition, but, according to The Blast, Krentcil accidentally left a spray tan imprint of herself after leaning on a white wall.

Last week, Tan Mom, a regular on Howard Stern’s radio show, phoned into the Sirius XM show but she had a bit of trouble talking due to recent lip injections. The puffy lips were no doubt part of her beauty package for the TV competition.

The website for the Beauty Battle advertised it as a pay-per-view production featuring eight makeup artists in four “Beauty Battle” matches for best makeover transformations on their model. Tan Mom v. Pale Mom was touted as the “Main event,” with the logline: “Tan Mom gets her legitimate makeover transformation in a light-hearted spoof designed for optimal entertainment.”

Patricia Krentcil became tabloid fodder after she was charged with endangering her child’s welfare in the 2012 tanning bed incident. The headline-making scandal prompted then-governor Chris Christie to sign a bill into law banning children under the age of 17 from using commercial tanning facilities. At the time, Christie said the new bill “followed a single but breathlessly reported incident of a parent bringing a minor child into a tanning facility.” According to the New York Post, Patricia Krentcil was banned from over 60 tanning salons in following the incident with her daughter.

You can see Tan Mom Patricia Krentcil talking about her Beauty Battle transformation in the video below.

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