Tattoo lover spends £800 on huge Samurai ink only to realise unfortunate mistake

A man who loves everything about Samurais chose to get a tattoo to mark his passion, only for it to come out wrong.

Chris is a huge fan of tattoos but also admires "Samurais and the code they lived by".

So when he decided on his next ink, the London lad knew exactly what he wanted.

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Samurai warriors lived their lives according to seven guiding principles.

When it came to choosing his £800 ink, Chris wanted to draw from the Japanese quote which read: "It's better to be a warrior in a garden than to be a gardener in a war".

But as he wouldn't have been able to fit it entirely on his arm, he decided to use the words "gardener and warrior".

And sadly, the artwork didn't end up like how he had hoped.

A few days after the tattoo, Chris' friend noticed a typo in the ink with the artist missing out a line.

This meant the quote, which had felt to be of such great significance to him, didn't actually have any meaning at all.

Luckily Chris was able to get the design amended for free.

However tattoo fans have been warned to be careful when opting for quotes in a different language.

It comes as new research from online learning platform Preply shows Japanese is the most popular language for tattooed quotes.

Lettering tattoo artist Hinin Prod advised: "When looking at the most commonly used languages in the field of lettering tattoos, the social prism and its influences should be acknowledged."

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The artist added: "In multicultural cities, you meet many people from different cultures and environments. I have many requests for lettering in Japanese, Latin, Chinese, or Arabic.

"Old Nordic runes are also popular among 'ink heads' and could also be treated as lettering in their own way.

"All I can recommend to others is to choose the tattoo artist wisely and let him or her be creative with your idea. Do your research and always try to get a native speaker to advise on your language tattoos."

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