Tattoo model turns ‘vampire’ after sharpening teeth into permanent fangs

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Amber Luke has braved more body modification procedures by getting her teeth filed into sharp points.

After experimenting with temporary fangs, the 25-year-old model decided to take the plunge by making permanent changes instead.

She enlisted the help of a Brisbane-based cosmetic dentist, who sharpened her canines to enhance her vampy look.

Showing off the results on Instagram, Amber wrote: “Vampire vibes. Today I got my two canines permanently sharpened by in Windsor – I’m stoked!!”

More than 1,100 people have liked pictures of the Australian bombshell online.

And many have taken the time to compliment her new smile too.

One commenter gushed: “You’re so beautiful! I love your smile.”

Another said: “Nice pics! You have a great smile.”

A third wrote: “Cutest vamp in Australia.”

And a fourth joked: “You can suck my blood any day.”

While the procedure may seem like an extreme one, it’s pretty tame considering the modifications Amber has undertaken in the past.

Amber’s other jaw-dropping body mods include her inked eyeballs, which are a bright shade of blue.

The risky procedure blinded the model for three weeks after she had it done.

But while she described the side-effects as “brutal”, she managed to make a recovery.

The influencer also braved a painful tongue-splitting procedure in the past.

She loves that her forked tongue makes her look like a “dragon” – but admits she was left with a lisp at first.

One of Amber’s most excruciating modifications involved getting dermal piercing above her crotch.

On Instagram, she said: “It’s called a dermal – it’s essentially a 2mm biopsy punch that removes a hole of your skin.

“Then, a flat bar is inserted into the hole; that bar has holes in it that allows your skin to grow through and pulls the piercing down like an anchor…

“I felt this piercing in my f****** soul man. Wow; talk about pain!!!"

The experience didn’t put Amber off body modification though as she went on to have holes punctured into her ear lobes.

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The star also has a passion for tattoos, which cover 98% of her body.

Her recent inkings include a scar on her face, snake on her scalp and the word “hell” on her hand.

We can’t wait to see what she gets done next!

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