Taylor Swift’s Snake ‘Karyn’ Makes Appearance During AMAs Performance & Fans Freak Out

A very special friend joined Taylor Swift during her 2018 AMAs performance — the snake from her tour who she named ‘Karyn’! Naturally, her fans went NUTS over the surprise appearance.

Taylor Swift, 28, wasn’t alone when she took the stage at the 2018 American Music Awards! Of course, she was surrounded by dancers, but about 2/3 of the way through her performance of “I Did Something Bad,” she was also joined by a massive cobra snake, which rose from the stage. The snake has been a big part of Taylor’s live show on her Reputation tour, so it was only fitting that it joined her at the AMAs! Loyal fans of Taylor have become VERY familiar with the snake — in fact, they even had it go VIRAL on Twitter during the show.

See, over the summer, Taylor bonded with a fan at a meet and greet over the snakes that appear during her concerts, and Tay admitted to the fan that she even NAMED one of them. She was very specific when she revealed the name, too — Karyn, with that exact spelling. Since then, fans have stanned Karyn just as much as they do Taylor! So, you could imagine their excitement when Karyn showed up to the AMAs, right?!

“THIS B***H BROUGHT KARYN WE ARE NOT F***ING READY WHERE IS MY WIG,” one fan wrote on Twitter. Another added, “Taylor is performing with Taylor tonight. We are not ready y’all.”

Some fans even pointed out that Taylor’s disco ball-inspired dress on the AMAs red carpet was very similar to the material that Karyn is made out of! Tay’s performance was epic to begin with, but Karyn just made it THAT much better, right!?

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