Teen makes 23-slide Powerpoint on why she should be allowed a tortoise

My daughter who REALLY wants a tortoise made a 23-slide PowerPoint presentation – I’m impressed, but still not convinced about getting one

  • Dad Matthew Horton shared his daughter’s PowerPoint campaign for a tortoise 
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A father has revealed how his enterprising daughter is so keen to get a tortoise as a family pet that she created a 23-slide PowerPoint presentation to try and convince him. 

Music writer Matthew Horton, thought to be from London, shared snaps of the impressive campaign document with his followers this morning and has seen his tweet now viewed more than 2.1million times. 

He caption the slides, saying: ‘The 13-year-old has, no word of a lie, made a 23-slide PowerPoint presentation on why we should let her have a tortoise, and exactly what it would involve.’

The mini manifesto wasn’t without detail, with slides recounting the ways having a pet tortoise would benefit the family, and also how it could be cared for safely in Horton’s home. 

Pester power! Matthew Horton shared his daughter’s PowerPoint campaign for a tortoise on Twitter and the slick presentation has had more than two million views

The opening gambit was entitled ‘Let the tortoise meeting commence’ and the presentation thundered along at a pace, highlighting key points in the manifesto, including items required to enable the pet to thrive – such as a thermometer, UV basking bulb and vitamin supplements.

Those who read the initial tweet praised Horton’s daughter’s commitment to the cause, while others warned that the popular pet might be around for some time, decades possibly. 

Small print: The campaign document went into all the requirements that a discerning tortoise might need

Convinced, Dad? But Horton hasn’t commented on whether the campaign was a success

The benefits of a tortoise in the family were laid out clearly by Horton’s offspring

@ThornfieldHall wrote: ‘Prepare your daughter for the long haul. My sister was gifted a 40+ year old turtle when she was at junior school. She eventually died when my sister was in her 50s. They are quite a responsibility.’

@CRamsey_4 responded, saying: ‘This is exactly why I told my daughter no…a lot of them live soooooo long. She doesn’t realize that she isn’t just making a commitment to a turtle now, but she will be committed to it well into her adult life.’ 

Horton later added on the thread that his daughter’s hard work had now paid off, telling his followers: ‘She’s won. We haven’t told her yet, but there’s no way of denying this.’

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