‘Teen Mom 2’: Kailyn Lowry Laughs After Jenelle Evans Nearly Lights Herself On Fire

Kailyn sent Jenelle a peace offering during the March 25 episode of ‘Teen Mom 2’, but it went up in flames when Jenelle torched it and called Kailyn an ‘idiot’ for trying to end their feud.

Jenelle Evans wasn’t too happy when she received a present from co-star Kailyn Lowry during the March 25 episode of Teen Mom 2. So upon receiving the gift — a package of Kailyn’s Pothead Haircare products — Jenelle poured gasoline onto it and lit it on fire. “Hey, Kail. This is to your peace offering,” Jenelle said in a video posted on her Instagram page just before the gift went up in flames. The post initially went on Jenelle’s page on Dec. 21, 2018, so this is the first time we’re seeing the incident air on TV, but it’s also the first time we’re seeing how Kailyn reacted to the video. And let’s just say that Kailyn wasn’t too upset about it. In fact, she thought the video was hilarious.

When talking to her friend Becky, Kailyn said, “Jenelle lit all my hair products on fire that I sent her. Like, I was kind of pumped. I’ve had $10,000 in sales today because of her post. I should writer her a f***ing check.” Then, Kailyn showed Becky the video and they started laughing hysterically when Kailyn noticed, “She almost sets her f***ing self on fire!” After reading the caption of the video, which you can see here, Kailyn told Becky, “That video has almost a million views. But the thing is, for her to act like this [is crazy]. I’ve done a lot for her over the years. I really truly stuck up for her the most out of everything in the beginning. I bailed her out of jail. I called out of work one year, one day when she was strung out on drugs and I drove to Jersey, picked her up, and took her to the airport because she was strung up on heroin or whatever. Who the hell knows.” And because of those things, Kailyn seemed confused by the fact that they’re even feuding with each other. She said, “I can’t really think of something that drew us apart.”

But then Kailyn remembered how she recently bashed Jenelle’s husband, David Eason. She told Becky, “I did say on my podcast that [David] needed a psych evaluation. I wonder how much influence David has over Jenelle, and how much Jenelle like — is she ignoring the things that she knows are wrong and she does it anyway? Or, did she kind of like do it on her own? I’m not doing a reunion because of this. I don’t want to be in the same city as them. [David]’s just not a good person.”

Yikes! So it sounds like fans shouldn’t get their hopes up about Kailyn attending this season’s forthcoming reunion, which by the way, hasn’t even filmed yet.

Meanwhile, Chelsea was forced to confront Adam‘s parents about continuing their visits with Aubree, and considering how quiet she usually is, her producer was shocked to hear she finally laid down the law with them. Basically, Chelsea told Adam’s parents that they might need to put their visits with Aubree on hold since they keep breaking the rules and allowing Adam to come by when they’re with her. His parents never answered Chelsea’s text, but they did visit Aubree during one of her school lunches (they’re allowed to do this), and Chelsea became even more upset after Aubree told Chelsea that Adam’s mom talked to her about their ongoing issue with Chelsea. So late, when talking to her dad, Chelsea revealed that she really wants Cole to adopt Aubree in case anything happens to her. That way, Cole could still raise Aubree and she wouldn’t be left with Adam. But again, Chelsea doesn’t want to go through with the adoption until Aubree shows interest in it.

And in other Teen Mom 2 news, Lincoln welcomed a new brother, Leah received an update on Ali’s vision (her one eye’s far sight has gotten worse), and Barbara told Jenelle that Andrew‘s mom never gave her her address when she tried scheduling a visit between her and Jace.

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