‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Addresses Claims She’s Pregnant With Fourth Child

What she said that has fans wondering about her future.

A star of MTV’s Teen Mom 2 is having to defend what could be a major life change after pregnancy rumors swirled following an offhanded comment made on their official social media account.

Kailyn Lowry told her 1.37 million fans on Twitter she wasn’t feeling well. “I decided we needed to get out of the house, so I told the boys to get ready to go to the park. As I’m getting ready, I call Isaac to bring me a soda cause I’m suddenly feeling so sick,” she tweeted.

She then stated that she vomited, leading her fans to believe that she was indeed pregnant with baby number four.

Lowry has three children with three different men. She shares son Lincoln with Javi Marroquin, son, Isaac with her ex-boyfriend Jo Rivera, and son Lux with Chris Lopez.

After fans questioned the reality star, she responded with the following statement on Twitter.

“And no, I’m not pregnant. I believe I threw up bc I took ibuprofen on a semi-empty stomach,” she quipped.

The reality star explained her desire for more children during an episode of her popular podcast Coffee Convos.

“I want more kids and it’s crazy because you’re like, ‘Kail you have three kids by three people why the hell would you want more kids,’ but I don’t know I just feel like I want one more,” the reality star explained.

The Teen Mom 2 star then added that she would either look for sperm donors online or freeze her eggs so that she could have a fourth child when she’s ready, but will it be with a former lover?

OK Magazine reported that the reality star is “frustrated” with Chris Lopez’ actions towards their son, despite rumors the two have reconciled.

In a clip for Teen Mom 2, the mother-of-three recently opened up about the couple’s relationship, revealing that Lopez isn’t as involved in Lux’s life as she would like. She slammed her son’s father for being an “Instagram dad” after he uploaded an old photo with his son, despite his lack of involvement in his life.

Within the last few weeks, fans have been speculating that despite this the couple is back together after Lopez was spotted in Lowry’s pool on her Snapchat. She also tweeted the two were celebrating Lux’s birthday together.

OK Magazine alleges a source close to the couple revealed that despite their disagreements, the couple is indeed trying to work their relationship out. There has been no confirmation from either Lowry or Lopez regarding the allegations they have reunited as a couple.

Teen Mom 2, also starring Jenelle Evans, Chelsea DeBoer, and Leah Messer airs on MTV.

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