‘Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant’ Recap: Brianna Gets Major News From Her Mom

Things are about to get pretty dramatic for Brianna, as her mom dropped a major bombshell during the June 4 episode of ‘Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant’.

Despite her recent breakup with Danae, Brianna wasted no time in finding another boyfriend to take his place. She just met Robert during last week’s episode, but on the June 4 installment of Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant, Brianna and Robert were heard saying “I love you” already. According to Brianna’s sister, they started saying it after only a week of dating. And speaking of, Brianna’s mom and sister came down on her pretty hard about her new romance. So much so, in fact, that Brianna stormed off into another room at one point. Her sister later apologized, but she was hit with another shocker when her mom told her she was moving to Oregon. When Brianna’s mom asked the girls if they’d like to move with her, Brianna’s sister said she had a good relationship going and a job where they already live, so she’d have to opt out. Brianna, thinking she’s also in a serious relationship, said she’d have to ask Robert first, as she can no longer only answer for herself. Brianna’s sister rolled her eyes, just as we did while watching that scene.

Meanwhile, Kayla and Stephan struggled to put their differences aside this week, but that’s nothing new for them. What was new was the fact that their son had to be fitted for a medical helmet because his head was starting to form in the wrong way. After a visit to the doctor, where the baby was fitted for the helmet, Kayla asked Stephan if he’d ever communicate with her mom again (remember he stole money from her and she wasn’t happy about it), and he pretty much told her he wouldn’t. They started arguing and eventually Stephan told Kayla that the sight of her disgusts him and she’s not the Kayla he fell in love with.

Later, Lexi and Kyler talked about their future together. She asked him what he wanted to do with his life and he expressed a strong interest in moving out of town. In fact, he said he’d love to move out of state — to Arizona. Meanwhile, Lexi wanted him to go to school in their hometown, so she could remain in close proximity to her parents. In an effort to try to persuade her to move, he invited her on a vacation to Arizona so she could check it out, but she — at 18 — said she had to ask her mom first. He, then told her to make her own “grown a**” decisions. Such a healthy couple, right?

Oh and speaking of healthy relationships, Jade and Sean tried to give their relationship another go, as she felt their visit with their therapist did wonders for them. Sadly, she was mistaken because he totally bailed on a photo shoot they had for the baby. And when she tried calling him a bunch of times, he ignored her. When he finally did answer, though, he started screaming at her and calling her “dude”. So when Jade got home, she kicked him out again and said he couldn’t see the baby again until he gets his life together.

Finally, Ashley and Barr worked to keep the peace with their moms — he apologized to her parents, and she kept her distance from his mom. But with a surprise 21st birthday party coming up for him, and his mom wanting to attend despite not being invited, we have a feeling there’s going to a massive brawl between these two girls again. Yikes!

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