Teen Mom's Tyler Baltierra thanks pregnant Catelynn Lowell for 'bringing life so much joy' despite nasty on-camera fight

TEEN Mom star Tyler Baltierra has thanked his pregnant wife for "bringing her joy" despite their on-camera fight.

The couple were recently seen battling it out in a war of words on the MTV show as Tyler, 29, yelled and swore at Catelynn, 29.

Calm appears to have been restored between the couple as Tyler took to Instagram to wish his pregnant wife a "happy birthday".

He posted a picture of Catelynn, who is mom to the couple's three children, Nova, 6, and Vaeda, 2, and Carolyn, 11, who was given up for adoption.

Tyler gushed over his wife: "HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my beautiful wife. I wouldn't trade these last 15 years for anything.

"I treasure each day that I get to wake up to you next to me. I treasure each time when I feel your arm wrap around me in the middle of the night.

"I treasure every time when I hug you and your head nestles right in the middle of my chest so I can smell your lavender rose hair perfectly.

"I treasure every time we just look at each other and see who smiles first. I treasure everything about you honey.

"I just want to thank you for bringing my life so much joy. Happy birthday baby, I love you SO MUCH."

The couple, who first hit TV screens in 2009 on MTV’s first season of 16 and Pregnant, were recently seen fighting on Teen Mom OG.

The nasty argument began during a family day out to an apple orchard where there was due to be a bounce house for daughter Nova.

When producers told the family the bouncy house may be closed or soon closing, Nova began to get upset.

Not wanting to see his daughter cry as it made him "feel bad", Tyler yelled at his wife to quickly rush Nova to check if it was still open.

After hurrying the six-year-old to the bounce house, she returned to tell him it was still open – and Tyler screamed again telling her to "just go then".

Catelynn clapped back at her husband, reminding him not to be "a d**k" to her as she presumed they would all be going together as a family.

As the parents fought back and forth, Nova started to cry because of the raised voices and mean words being shouted back and forth.

The Teen Mom told her husband she needed her purse anyway, before turning her back and storming off with their daughter.

Fans were shocked at the scene, and said if they had been siting with them, they would've told Tyler "to chill".

They added: “You don’t yell at your wife like that for no reason. Cate didn’t do anything.”

Many others agreed and were “shocked he acted like that” and thought he “was completely wrong.”

Another fan wondered: “I understand why he was upset, but like… Cate did nothing. So why blame her?”

Not everyone thought Tyler’s reaction was blown too out of proportion, though.

Some thought this fight was perfectly normal for married couples to have with one another and wasn’t something that needed to be called out on by fans.

One confused viewer asked: “Why is everyone making such a big deal out of this? Like…couples have disagreements and sometimes voices get raised.”

Tyler and Catelynn recently revealed they are expecting another baby to add to their growing family.

Catelynn recently revealed she has already chosen a name for her new baby, which the family revealed is their fourth girl.

Catelynn shared a snap of a recent ultrasound captioned: "Sooo I think we know her name. It's a girl."

The ultrasound also notes she is due in early September, so she is barely three months along now.

The mom-to-be again also posted a video of new baby clothes and bedding from the company Goosebumps.

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