Teens who stabbed boy and filmed him dying on Snapchat jailed for 67 years

A gang of teenagers who brutally knifed a youngster then recorded his dying moments on Snapchat have been jailed for 67 years.

'Black Tom' gang members Jacob Morgan, 15, Ramon Djauna,15, and Caleb Brown, 16, were named in court for the first time today as Judge Simon Bryan QC made the unusual decision to lift an anonymity order.

Along with 19-year-old Aaron Miller – who is not in the gang but was called to the scene by his cousin Morgan – the group were put behind bars for a shocking killing that rocked Bedford last autumn.

The gang of four launched the horrific attack on 16-year-old Cemeren Yilmaz, raining down hammer blows and inflicting a knife wound so severe it almost ran through his entire body.

Sentencing the gang for Cemeren’s murder at St Albans Crown Court, Justice Bryan said: “It arises out of a sadly all too common back drop of gang rivalry and associated carrying and use of weapons with tragic consequences and the loss of a young life.”

In the four boys' trial earlier this year the jury heard how Cemeren feared for his life before the bloody killing, telling his brother of rising hostility between his gang and the Black Toms.

He predicted being stabbed and told his brother: “People like this have no mercy”.

His fears would sadly come true on September 16 last year when he got a taxi from his home in Harrold village to a housing estate in Bedford where he met up with some friends.

Shortly after 9pm Cemeren and his group were caught on CCTV running towards the four teenagers, causing them to flee.

Moments later Cemeren was seen again running and clutching a bag.

Prosecutor Stuart Trimmer QC suggested Cemeren's actions led the group to react with force.

He said: “Here was Cemeren in their area, so their reaction was brutal revenge.”

Shortly after 10pm Miller, from Bedford, arrived after Morgan called him.

Having previously fled, Cemeren was back on the street and, after exchanging punches with Miller, was chased down the road by the older man and the 15-year-old.

The victim fell to the ground and was kicked and punched by the pair before Morgan used a large knife and stabbed him, causing a severe injury to his kidney.

Cemeren, who had stabbed Miller in the back, managed to get up and run, only for Djauna, from Bedford, and Brown, from Northolt, to catch him.

They produced a hammer they had brought with them and hit Cemeren in the head and face.

As blows rained down on the victim Djauna took out his phone and filmed the beating on Snapchat, later posting the grisly clip online.

Part of the video was played at the trial and, at one point, the victim was heard crying out: “I am going to die” followed by the sounds of him groaning.

A 999 call from a witness played out in court recorded one of the attackers saying: “Oh yo young blood, cut cut, I’ll say no comment all the way.”

Cemeren died in hospital the following day, having suffered massive internal injuries and undergone surgery to remove a kidney.

The stab wound had almost gone entirely through his body.

He also suffered a fractured skull and brain damage as well as two cardiac arrests.

As they sat in the back of the police van they revealed the knife and hammer attack was a plan to "end him off".

One of the defendants was heard to say: "Cem done so much wrong like he done wrong to like our people, innit, and in the Bible it says defend your people, does it not?

"It says love your neighbour and my neighbour is my people, innit, so if I'm defending my people, it wasn't supposed to go that far."

He added: "Just defending my people. It's not like I end him off for no reason."

Just hours before the attack the three younger boys had posted a Drill music video on YouTube glorifying violence and weapons.

Cemeren had previously been a Black Tom gang member but had switched allegiances to the “London Road” gang following an argument.

At their trial in March, all four pleaded not guilty to the murder of Cemeren.

Judge Bryan was told Miller was not a member of the Black Tom gang and was “very sad” Cemeren had lost his life.

Morgan was said to have wielded the knife against Cemeren in a bid to protect Miller and Djauna had come to "bitterly regret" Cemeren's death, their defence lawyers said.

Brown now realised his actions were “wrong”, the court heard.

Miller was sentenced to a minimum of 21 years and Brown was sentenced to 17 years, less the time they had served in custody on remand.

Morgan and Djuana were given 16 and 17 years respectively minus time spent in custody and "at Her Majesty's pleasure" – meaning they will only be let out once it is safe to do so.

During the trial the three younger defendants hadn’t been named because of reporting restrictions regarding juveniles appearing in court.

However today Mr Justice Bryan took the unusual step of lifting the order which meant they could finally be named by the press.

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