Would YOU tell a potential employer you’re expecting?

Would YOU tell a potential employer you were pregnant? Mother-to-be who has reached the final interview stage for a new job reveals she’s torn over whether to disclose the news

  • A mother doesn’t know whether to tell her potential employers she’s pregnant
  • She has made it to the final stage of interviews and is 18 weeks pregnant
  • Many Mumsnet users agreed that she shouldn’t tell them until she gets an offer
  • But some said it was ‘dishonest’ to accept the job offer without being truthful 

A pregnant woman has sparked a furious debate after admitting she doesn’t know whether to tell her potential employers she is expecting before they offer her a job.

The Mumsnet user, who is 18 weeks along, had fallen pregnant before being told by her current employer that she was at risk of redundancy. Shortly afterwards she was headhunted for a potential new position, she said. 

The user, known only as MrsCaecilius, is at the final interview stage for the new job, but is reluctant to tell her potential bosses about her pregnancy because she fears scuppering her chances.

She said her husband has advised her to tell them before an offer was made, but feeling torn, she asked people on the parenting forum for their thoughts in a post that’s attracted more than 150 comments.

Many other users encouraged her to keep her pregnancy a secret, pointing out that she is not legally obliged to disclose it.

The mother-to-be told Mumsnet users she was in a dilemma over whether to disclose her pregnancy to her potential new employers 

MrsCaecilius explained that she’d been approached by a headhunter shortly after learning she was at risk of redundancy in her current role – leaving her fretting about find herself unemployed and pregnant with no income to cover maternity leave.  

She said: ‘I’m 18 weeks pregnant. I found out 2 weeks ago that I’m at risk of redundancy. This would leave me unemployed and unemployable at 7 months pregnant and would make affording maternity leave very hard.

At the same time I have been approached by a recruiter about a new job (I wasn’t actively looking). I am through to the final round interview (on Thurs) and have not told them I’m pregnant. I’m not massively showing (most of the time) so although they’ve met me, I don’t think they’d suspect.

‘I really want this job. So when do I tell them?

‘My husband thinks I should tell them before the final interview so that I’m being straight and honest with them and giving myself the chance tell them how I’d manage the situation. 

‘But I’m extremely paranoid that the conscious or unconscious bias would then take me out of the running, even if they initially liked me.’

She will be seven months pregnant by the time she leaves her current job, meaning she will go on maternity leave soon after starting the new job

MrsCaecilius asked other mums what they should do, and most agreed that she should keep it a secret.

Afrikat wrote: ‘I would never tell. It shouldn’t influence their decision either way but if you don’t get it you will always wonder if it was because you are pregnant.’

‘Don’t tell them, why on earth would you unnecessarily disadvantage yourself at interview?’ Brogueish said.

Iggiattheend replied: ‘It’s not dishonest not to tell them. Why knowingly put yourself at a disadvantage? She hasn’t done anything wrong, she’s just pregnant.’ 

Most Mumsnet users told her to keep her pregnancy a secret as she ‘hasn’t done anything wrong’

However, other users encouraged her to tell her the employers as many said it was dishonest to keep it a secret.

LifeBeginsAtGin said: ‘I would be honest and tell them as soon as possible. If they take you on it’s in full knowledge of your pregnancy and there shouldn’t be any problems if you need time off for appointments, going on maternity leave and if you want to come back part time.’

‘Id tell them, start with honesty,’ WomanInGreen said. 

PrimalLass agreed: ‘I think it is dishonest but can see why you would do it. I would heavily judge you for it as your future line manager though.’ 

Others said it was ‘dishonest’ to keep her pregnancy a secret while accepting a job

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