Tesco Clubcard Customers can claim ‘free lunch’ with Costa Coffee hack

A savvy shopper has shared how Tesco Clubcard customers can nab themselves a ‘free lunch’ with a Costa coffee in-store.

The TikTok user, who goes by passwithbecky, shared the hack in a recent video on the video-sharing platform.

Shooting the video, the driving instructor parked in her local Tesco’s car park as she explained how she got her salad, snack and her coffee all for £3.

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Becky said: “I just went into Tesco to get a Costa Express Coffee. Costa Express Coffee, regular, £3,05.

“Make it a meal deal with your Clubcard, and it’s £3.

“So I've got a salad, a chocolate bar and a coffee for £3 instead of £3.05 for just the coffee. Win."

The short video has seen been watched more than 337,400 times and has nearly 24,000 likes.

People were left speechless by the deal. One person said: “Omg I never realised that before… will definitely remember that”

“Now THAT is useful information…thank you!” another commented.

A third added: “Best news all year”.

Another user said: “I did the same got to the till with my coffee and the lady said go get a sandwich and snack it’s cheaper!!”

However, not everyone was impressed with the hack – claiming it’s only useful if you have a Clubcard

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“It’s self-defeating. Only one in 3 Tesco shoppers has a Clubcard. Once the non-card holders go shop elsewhere Tesco will end Clubcard prices,” one shopper commented.

But Becky hit back, claiming that regular shoppers can still get a bargain – and it will only set them back an extra 50p.

Other shoppers added that not all Tesco stores will accept the hot drink in the meal deal, warning others to be cautious so they don’t end up disappointed.


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