Tesla hounding Cybertruck reservation holders to lease other models, report says

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Call it pre-brand loyalty.

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Tesla is reportedly soliciting Cybertruck reservation holders to lease other models while they wait for their futuristic pickups.


Electrek has published the contents of an email that's been sent to some of the 600,000 people who have put down a $100 deposit on a Cybertruck suggesting that they take a 24-36 month lease on another vehicle to fill the space in their driveway before delivery of their monster trucks.

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Production of all-wheel-drive Cybertrucks is scheduled to begin by the end of 2021, but shipments of the entry-level $39,990 rear-wheel-drive model aren't expected to begin before early 2023.

The nudge even includes a $1,500 "California Clean Fuel Reward" for people registering their vehicles in the Golden State, which is a rare example of the company offering a discount under list price.

"If you are interested in securing pricing on our current S3XY models, please respond ‘Yes’ and I will be happy to give you a call," the note reads.

Tesla often makes a push for sales at the end of a quarter, and this year is aiming to reach 500,000 sales globally.

Tesla apparently no longer has a functioning press office to respond to requests for comment or confirmation.


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