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Tesla is trying to develop cars that drive themselves and soon they may help sell themselves, too.

Electrek reports that Tesla is working on a new retail strategy that involves remotely managed test drives.

According to sources, the automaker will soon start shedding its showrooms in city centers and malls in favor of larger centralized locations that will combine sales and service and be staffed, in part, by "advisors" working off-site.

Along with assisting with the purchase process, the advisors will be able to direct customers to Teslas located in strategic locations, including mall parking lots, that can be remotely unlocked and taken for a drive without any Tesla staff present.

Tesla in 2019 said it would close all of its retail stores in favor of an all-internet sales model, but changed course just weeks later. The new plan, if true, appears to be a reimagining of that concept. The company currently focuses on online sales, but maintains approximately 130 showrooms and galleries in the U.S.


Tesla, which does not have a public relations department, has not commented on the Electrek report.

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