The A to Z of Free Streaming: A VIP+ Special Report

Free video streaming doesn’t always get the recognition it deserves.

Attention is usually given in much greater detail to subscription streaming services that generate high revenue streams that catch the attention of investors and analysts, even if EBITDA is much less owing to the high costs of creating original content in a hypercompetitive market.

Free streaming, which is made up of both on-demand AVOD titles and linear FAST channels, with the majority of services offering both, has a different business model than its SVOD brethren. The industry is based upon licensing content, with very few originals — the original Netflix streaming model — and bringing it to viewers for free in exchange for viewing ads.

Variety Intelligence Platform’s special report “The A to Z of Free Streaming,” presented by FilmRise, goes into unprecedented detail to give readers a comprehensive understanding of the many companies involved in the space.

VIP+ profiles over 50 companies that are active in free streaming, offering a rundown on the services and/or channels they operate, as well as whether they distribute content to other platforms and if they operate their own FAST and AVOD services.

The report also features exclusive consumer data on the U.S. free streaming market from our research partners Maru Group and Ipsos. Readers can see the most popular platforms by total adults and key age demographic groups of 18-34, 35-54 and 55+ in addition to the impact that continued migration of Big Media companies including AMC Networks, A&E Networks, NBCUniversal, Fox and ViacomCBS has upon consumer perceptions of free streaming.

VIP+’s pair-up with Maru Group extends to an assessment of the current consumer drivers and barriers to free streaming, with a regression analysis applied in order to determine the most important perceptions for piquing interest. The results will enable anyone involved in or interested in the space to see what elements are key for consumer messaging that sparks viewership.

Free streaming is poised to keep growing in the U.S., with the likes of Fox, NBCU and ViacomCBS investing in their free platforms Tubi, Peacock and Pluto, respectively. The VIP+/FilmRise report positions the reader to understand how that will play out as well as have a better grasp on strategies of the companies involved.

Read on to learn about …

  • Overviews of over 50 companies involved in free streaming
  • Which are the most popular AVOD and FAST services
  • How services in the free streaming space can keep growing

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