The Bachelorette: What You Need to Know About Luke P. and Luke S.'s Feud

The Bachelorette had one of its first feuds of the season on Monday night. As the men played rugby for a group date, things got pretty heated between Luke P. and Luke S. on the field. While the encounter wasn’t captured on camera, many of the guys said that Luke P. “body-slammed” Luke S. on the ground after getting super competitive during the game. Even though Luke P. apologized, saying it was only “self-defense,” Luke S. clearly wasn’t having it.

As the evening progressed, Hannah pulled Luke P. aside to discuss what happened. During their conversation, Luke P. claimed that Luke S. tried to swing at him before he threw Luke S. on the ground in self-defense. In addition to talking about what happened on the field, he also questioned Luke S.’s motives in the competition, adding that he is constantly talking about his “brand” and tequila business, but not about Hannah.

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