The best and worst of the 2018 Emmys, from that awkward opening to justice for the Fonz

Our TV critic’s notebook on NBC’s 2018 Emmy Awards: 

From the hosts to the presenters to the winners, our take on the best, the worst, the exciting (and boring) moments of the 70th Primetime Emmy Awards. 

No one solved anything

The Emmys are airing on Monday night, but it seems a little bit like a Saturday. 

The awards kicked off with a musical number that could have easily been a musical monologue on “Saturday Night Live,” with all the good – and most of the bad – that comes with that particular brand of comedy. 

In “We Solved it,” celebrities from the NBC and NBCUniversal family, including Kate McKinnon and Kenan Thompson, sung about how TV’s diversity problem is solved, now that the Emmys have their most diverse roster of nominees.  It was a one-joke song that wasted the wealth of talent, from Sterling K. Brown to RuPaul Charles to Ricky Martin to John Legend, employed to sing lame punchlines including, “There were none, now there’s one. So now we’re done.”  That the song’s melody was terrible was only highlighted when musicians like Martin and Legend tackled it.

The hosts with the least 

Things continued on a similarly shaky note when “Weekend Update” hosts Colin Jost and Michael Che came out for an opening monologue that was about as uneven as their usual “SNL” banter. 

The pair, usually seen behind their anchor desk, seemed a bit unsure what to do standing up, as both awkwardly stood center stage. They got in a few good barbs, some directed at the Emmys’  shrinking audience and broadcast-nominee leader NBC, which Che described as being like “the sexiest person on life support.” (Although they were never quite as funny as a moment when audience-member Chrissy Teigen tried to hide from the camera during a reaction shot.) 

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