The best faux flowers for any budget

Faux flowers that look EXACTLY like the real thing! This Morning shares its pick of the bunch – so can YOU tell the fresh blooms from the fakes?

  • Gardener Michael Perry showcased the best artificial flowers on This Morning 
  • Offered budget and blowout options for roses, hydrangeas and dahlias 
  • Challenged presenters Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford to tell them apart

There is no doubt flowers can brighten up any room, but fresh blooms can soon become more hassle than they’re worth.

Fortunately faux flowers have come a long way from the tacky displays of years gone by and now make for a sophisticated alternative to the real thing. 

Gardener Michael Perry shared some of the best silk, paper and even steel flowers on This Morning today and challenged viewers and presenters Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford to pick out the real from the fake.

In full bloom: On This Morning today gardener Michael Perry shared some of the best silk, paper and even steel flowers and challenged viewers and presenters Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford (pictured on set with Michael) to pick the real from the fake

Stumped: Eamonn Holmes admitted he was struggling to pick out the artificial flowers. Ruth Langsford noted the practical benefits of using faux blooms over real ones in the home

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From dahlias to roses and hydrangeas to eucalyptus, the faux flowers cost between £1.49 and £18 a stem – making them perfect for any budget. 

So scroll down to take a look at the four flowers available and see if you can pick the real from the fake.

The results are at the bottom of each section – so no cheating…


Pick of the bunch: Three bouquets of pink roses, but can you tell which is real, which is a budget offering and which is the luxury alternative? Read on for the answer

As the flowers of romance, it is of little surprise roses prove popular for those looking for a bouquet to impress. 

Do they look real? Examining the three bouquets of roses on offer, Eamonn Holmes noted that none of them appeared artificial. 

While his wife Ruth Langsford agreed she couldn’t tell them apart straight away.  

Commenting on the high street faux flowers offering, Ruth said: ‘If I was looking closely… The flowers look really real but it is the leaves that make me think “I’m not sure they are”.’ 

Results: (left-right) Real roses; Peony Faux Flowers at £8 a stem from John Lewis; luxury faux roses from £16 a stem from Neptune.


Firm favourite: Hydrangeas can be seen in gardens across the UK but which of these are the real deal? Another of the bouquets is made from paper and the third from silk

Michael Perry noted that hydrangeas are a very popular European shrub that suit shaded and sunny areas outdoors, and can also be cut for the home.

Do they look real? Eamonn was taken by the real hydrangeas, saying they were so pristine ‘they actually look false’. 

Ruth agreed: ‘They’re so perfect and huge and lovely. But they are real. I love hydrangeas.’ Commenting on the artificial options, she said: If I’m absolutely honest, I prefer these [the high street version] to those [the luxury version].’

Eamonn added: ‘They [the luxury offering] look withered.’ 

Results: (left-right) Real hydrangeas at £5 a stem; faux hydrangeas from Dunelm for £1.49 a stem; paper hydrangeas from Posey and Pot at £15 a stem.


Attention to detail: Each of these bunches showcases the dahlia’s distinctive gradient colouring in their blooms but which is real, which is from the high street and which is high end?

As many shoppers have found, the common problem with dahlias is that they do not travel well. Michael Perry noted: ‘They seldom reach the supermarket or the florist’s in a good condition.’

Do they look real? As the real flowers had wilted en route to the studio, Eamonn felt the faux flowers were in fact the more attractive options. 

Commenting on the high street option, Perry pointed out: ‘They are amazing quality, you can even see the graduation of the colour in the bloom.’

Meanwhile Ruth was impressed with the blowout offering, adding: ‘Those are really good’.   

Results: (l-r) Real hydrangeas; budget offering for £4 a stem from OKA; blowout option for £18 per stem from Fox Flowers.


Perfect filler: Even filler foliage like eucalyptus can be swapped out for a fake alternative. Again, one of these is real, one is a budget offering and the other costs £14.50 a stem 

Do they look real? Using fake foliage can be a way to add bulk to a real bouquet. 

Equally, using real foliage can be a way to give faux flowers a living backdrop.  

The main difference between the three bouquets was the size and height of the stem. 

However Perry noted that, just as with real flowers, faux blooms can also be cut down to suit the size of a vase or display.  

Results: (l-r) £4 a stem for real eucalyptus; £5.95 a stem for the budget eucalyptus; £14.50 a stem for luxury artificial eucalyptus. 

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