The best ways to make £2,019 in 2019 with MoneySavingExpert's money saving challenge

The goal is to earn as much money on the side as you can this year, by boosting your income through alternative methods such as selling items on eBay or taking part in paid surveys.

The challenge was started by user "Ilovecomps" on a forum on

Seventy people have signed up since November to try and make the same amount of money as the year we're in.

The challenge runs every year, and some money savers have had huge success with it.

One user, MLE007, smashed their targets in 2017 when they earned £3,864.88 and in 2018, when they made £4,727.33 on the side.

There are a number of ways you can earn extra cash on the side and we've rounded up some of the best ways below.

It comes after the 365 challenge became popular this year, which involves putting aside different amounts of money for every day of the week.

It can net you £1,500.

But if you want to earn even more, try the £2,019 challenge instead by boosting your income with some of the methods below.

Surveys – Up to £6 each

You can earn up to £6 for filling out a survey through sites like,, and

You can do them from a PC or on the go via your tablet or smartphone.

You can do as many as you like in a day.

Rent our your driveway or parking space – Up to £200 a month

If you have a driveway or parking space then you could make money from renting it out – especially if you live near an airport, city centre or train station.

Websites like JustPark, Parklet and YourParkingSpace will let your space for you, and they usually charge a fee of around 20 per cent for this service.

The amount you can charge depends on the demand for parking in your area, but some people can make as much as £200 a month.

Selling items online – Up to £100s

It's the oldest trick for earning some extra cash on the side but selling off your old unwanted clothes, junk and clutter is still an effective way of making money.

eBay is the most popular website, but it charges fees.

You can avoid the fees altogether by selling your things on classified sites like Gumtree or Preloved. Facebook Marketplace is another alternative without any fees.

These site normally attract local buyers who will collect the goods themselves and pay cash – that means no postage and packaging costs.

How much money you make depends on what you have to sell – but it could be in the hundreds if you have valuable items or sell a lot of goodies.

Do you need to pay tax on extra earnings?

Any sources of extra money need to be delclared to HM Revenue & Customs. There's more information on the HMRC website.

You  can now earn up to £1,000 tax–free on both property-related income and trading (so potentially £2,000 in total).

As long as you're not earning more than £1,000 on your extra earnings, then you don't need to declare it.

If you are earning more than that you'll need to let HM Revenue & Customs know.

It's worth bearing in mind if you are taking on the £2,019 in 2019 challenge.

Cashback websites – Up to £100s

Cashback websites such as TopCashback and Quidco will give you money back when you make a purchase.

You just need to go through the cashback websites first and click through to the online retailer you want to buy from, which will trigger a payment to your bank account.

How much you will earn back will depend on what you're buying, but some people will earn hundreds by switching broadband or booking holidays through these websites.

Overtime – Up to £100s

Working overtime – and crucially, getting paid for it – is another way of earning extra cash in 2019.

This will only work for employees who are paid hourly but it's an easy way of earning some significant extra cash this year.

NHS staff in bands 1 to 7 are eligible for overtime payments, and some retailers also offer overtime to employees, including Primark.

Vouchers – Up to £500 per month

Loyalty schemes will hand out vouchers if you sign up to programmes.

Some are better than others, but Boots' loyalty scheme is among the most generous out there as it offers four points for every £1 spent.

You can find out which are worth signing up to with our guide to the best loyalty programmes.

Deal hunters can also get their hands on vouchers if you share bargains with the team at

You get points which add up to Amazon vouchers for your contributions.

Top members earn more than £500 per month just for sharing deals they find online.

Other ways to save cash

  • Download apps: There are loads of apps you can download to your smartphone, which can help you budget properly and save a fortune over the next 12 months. A few examples are Squirrel, which helps you stick to a budget as well as Chip, which works out how much money you can afford to save without it affecting your usual spending habits. You can find a roundup of the best apps to help you save money here
  • Cut down on your spending: Another obvious way to save money is by cutting down on how much you spend each month. Go through your transaction history and set yourself a budget
  • Plan your meals in advance: By making a list before you go grocery shopping and then sticking to it, you'll avoid picking up products you don't really need
  • Pay off debts: The interests on your debts is always higher than the interest earned on your savings, so you should consider paying off any debts with your savings to be better off

Bag freebies – Worth £100s

There are loads of big name brands who send out their products for testing, which means you can pick up great items for nothing.

You can either sign up directly with brands or with organisations that run testing for lots of different companies.

Once you're on the panel, you'll be sent products to test in return for either providing feedback through a survey or sharing your opinion with friends.

Tesco, Boots, Philips, Elemis and Mothercare all have product testing schemes.

We have a guide on how you can get your hands on brilliant freebies which can get you started.

Make interest on your money – Earnings depend

The first step to saving money is actually opening an account that will give you the most benefits.

Saving rates have been dismal over the last 10 years thanks to record-low interest rates.

However, as the Bank of England has announced another interest rate rise last summer, things are looking up for UK savers.

We've rounded up the best options around right now that will earn you the most interest.

It's not the only money-saving challenge around at the moment.

Rounding up your purchases to the nearest pound and saving the rest is an easy way of putting aside hundreds of pounds every year without you even noticing.

There's also the £10 a week money-saving challenge, which means you could earn £520 by the end of the year.

If you've found yourself in debt this month, here's how to clear it by the end of this month in nine easy steps.

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