‘The Challenge’ Recap: The U.K. Alliance Stays Strong After A Grueling Elimination

The rookies from the U.K. are taking over on ‘The Challenge: War of the Worlds,’ and another longtime veteran player was sent packing on the March 13 episode. Here’s what went down!

The March 13 episode of The Challenge: War of the Worlds begins with a little flirtation between Nany and Bear. Wes witnesses everything going on and keeps it in his back pocket to use as collateral for later — he’s gunning to get a member of the U.K. alliance out, and Bear is the perfect target since he’s been hooking up with Georgia. Meanwhile, flirtation is also running high between Theo and Kam, which doesn’t make her ex, Leroy, too happy, even though he and Kam agreed to just be friends when coming onto the show.

At the challenge, the players must ride on tires that are being pulled at almost 20 miles per hour behind a monster truck. There are ten tires in total, and the goal is to crawl past all of them and onto the back of the truck. Whichever three teams get through the most tires the fastest will be in the Tribunal and get to decide who will go into the elimination. Since Wes and Dee won the last challenge, they’re exempt from going in, along with the teams who make up the Tribunal. It’s a hard-fought challenge, but the Tribunal ends up being Kyle/MattieHunter/Georgia and Wes/Dee.

As always, the Tribunal picks three teams to be up for elimination before voting in just one. It’s no surprise to anyone that Kyle is gunning for his nemesis, Paulie, while Wes wants to go for Bear, and both of their partners are fine with it. Hunter and Georgia, however, are on different pages. Hunter wants to go with Wes and take out the U.K. alliance, which is a problem for Georgia who’s part of that alliance. They agree to use their vote on Josh and Amanda this time, though, since they already burned that bridge by voting them in earlier in the game.

However, the Tribunal doesn’t end without Wes stirring up some drama — he tells Georgia that Bear said he was more sexually attracted to Nany than her, and it stirs up a lot of emotion. Of course, Bear denies it when Georgia confronts him about it. Speaking of drama, the group goes out that night, and Theo and Kam get even closer. They even start making out right in front of Leroy! Needless to say, he’s not happy.

At the Killing Floor, all six members of the Tribunal get individual votes for who they want to go in. Kyle and Mattie both go for Paulie/Natalie, and Wes/Dee stand strong with their vote for Bear/Da’Vonne. Georgia votes for Josh/Amanda, but Hunter takes matters into his own hands and chooses Bear and Da’Vonne, which means they’re gong in.

Bear and Da’Vonne pick Leroy and Shaleen as their opponents, and their elimination round is not for the faint of heart! The players are required to take turns lugging bags across the sand on a platform, with each partner dragging 40 bags in total to their side. The bags are heavy, though, and it takes everything out of the players.

In the end, Bear and Da’Vonne are victorious, and Bear vows to come back in the game and take Wes out. Of course, Leroy is upset to be going home, and Kam is sad to see him go, knowing how they left things. Now the U.K. alliance has even more power, but we’ll have to wait until next week’s episode to see if they’re able to use it!

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