The Current Net Worth Of The Members Of Guns N Roses, Ranked

It was the 1980’s when big hair, leather pants, and rock n’ roll were more relevant than ever. Five high school boys, born and raised across the globe from each other, were busy drinking, getting high and playing the music in their past time. Though they all had musical backgrounds and stars like Elton John, the Beatles and the Rolling Stones to look up to, it wasn’t until the punk movement with bands like Motley Crue, Aerosmith and Bon Jovi started garnering attention that the young men who eventually formed Guns N’ Roses (GNR) could see their place on the stage.

The original band consisting of Axl Rose, Slash, Izzy Stradlin, Steven Adler and Duff McKagan came together in the summer of 1985 for the first time and could feel the immediate chemistry. As fans know all too well, by the early 90’s the band began disassembling and more than a decade of arguing and angst ensued.

Audiences were thrilled to see in the spring of 2016, GNR had reunited in a near original line up and in the fall of 2022, the band announced a remastered deluxe box set of the “Illusion” albums.

Whether in the original band or an added bonus down the road, it’s safe to say each member has banked a nice nest egg.

9 Melissa Reese – $2 Million

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Back in 2016, when band members began reassembling for some new tunes and a tour, Reese became the first female (and youngest) member of the band. According to The Things, Reese has worked with Buckethead, Brian Mantia and other musicians with her keyboarding skills. Today, she plays for GNR and has amassed a decent net worth for her talent.

8 Richard Fortus – $3.5 Million

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He’s not in the original band but can still boast of being one of the longest members. The guitarist has a history of playing in bands like Love Spit Love, Thin Lizzy and The Dead Daisies but he’s been with GNR since 2002 and is considered one in the family at this point.

7 Steven Adler – $15 Million

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Born Michael Coletti, Adler serves as drummer for GNR and is known for his songwriting skills. Adler may also be known for his heroin addiction that began to get in the way of his work and musical abilities. The band asked him to leave in 1990 and Adler followed up with a lawsuit, earning a $2.25 million settlement. Though he’s remained friends with Slash, according to Grunge, Adler has been performing with his band, Adler’s Appetite most recently.

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6 Izzy Stradlin – $28 Million

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Born as Jeffrey Dean Isbell and as one of the founding members of the band, fans would love to see Izzy back in the lineup, however, the guitarist began feeling restless under band members clashing personalities and need for control. Stradlin left the group to pursue a successful solo career in 1992 and as of late, it’s been reported he’s been in negotiations to join GNR in their current tour, but plans haven’t been ironed out.

5 Frank Ferrer – $32 Million

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One of the newer drummers for GNR, Ferrer joined the band in 2006. With a history of playing with bands like The Beautiful, Psychedelic Furs and Love Spit Love, the bandmate had already made a name for himself and quite a bit of wealth before contributing to the iconic “Chinese Democracy” album.

4 Dizzy Reed – $40 Million

Other than Rose, Reed is the longest-running member of GNR, playing keyboard and contributing backup vocals. Fans can hear Reed’s tunes in classic songs like “Live and Let Die” and “November Rain” but even when GNR wasn’t getting along, he continued to play. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Reed tours with his cover band Hookers N’ Blow and was named Outstanding Keyboardist of the Year at the 2007 Rock City Awards.

3 Duff McKagan – $70 Million

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We can thank Duff McKagan for the band’s launch in a variety of ways. In 1984, the bass guitarist had met Slash and Adler but caught between two bands and questioning their loyalty, McKagan lined up a list of gigs up the West Coast of California to test their commitment. As suspected, several musicians backed out and in 1985, Rose, Slash, Stradlin, McKagan and Adler rehearsed together for the first time. Shortly after, they embarked on what became known as the “Hell Tour”.

2 Slash – $90 Million

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Possibly one of the most iconic musicians in history, we know Slash when we see him due to the long curly hair and top hat he wears. The London-born musician grew up in the music industry. His mother designed costumes for the likes of David Bowie, Ringo Starr and Janis Joplin. His father created album covers for Neil Young and Joni Mitchell. The lead guitarist has known Adler since high school and the bandmates traveled to L.A., eventually meeting up with Rose and McKagan to form the band. After leaving the band in 1996, Slash went on to work with Michael Jackson and others but has since reunited with his brothers.

1 Axl Rose – $200 Million

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Rose is the one and only consistent band member of GNR. He and Stradlin have known each other since high school and upon meeting up with Slash, Adler and McKagan, the rest is history. The lead singer is known for his intensity according to Biography, literally full of energy just waiting to be released on stage. Perhaps what saved Rose from some of his other bandmate’s history was the fact that he never suffered from addiction and lives a somewhat reclusive lifestyle. In 2012, Rose was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and in 2016, he toured as front man for iconic band AC/DC but like Slash and other members of the band, always came back home and has earned a massive net worth due to his hard work.

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