The great Christmas sandwich taste test!

The great Christmas sandwich taste test! FEMAIL tries the best – and the worst – the high street has to offer for the festive season (including plenty of VEGAN options)

  • FEMAIL taste tested over 50 festive sandwiches available on the highstreet 
  • 2018 saw almost every store introducing a vegan Christmas option  
  • EAT came in at the top spot for the second year on the trot joined by Leon
  • Meanwhile Tesco fell short in several sandwich categories  

These days Christmas lunch comes far more than just once a year, with supermarkets and coffee chains scrambling to produce the best on-the-go versions for hungry commuters up and down the country. 

And far from just the run of the mill turkey sandwich, cafes are now offering a whole host of imaginative seasonal eats to suit every palate – and vegan versions are all the rage this year. 

But which sandwiches are worth forking out for, and which belong in the bin? And do you really get what you pay for?

FEMAIL’s Martha Cliff- with the help of her very hungry colleagues – sampled over 50 of 2018’s Christmas sandwiches on sale to find the very best, and the worst.

She has tried sandwiches in three categories: turkey; vegetarian; vegan and novelty.

Scroll down to find out which came out on top….

The best – and worst – turkey Christmas sandwiches  



Butter basted turkey, sage & onion stuffing, smoked ham, mayonnaise, cranberry sauce & spinach on multi-seed bloomer

Eat for me this is the sandwich to beat every year and lo and behold Eat have done it again – perhaps, dare I say it have even out done themselves.

What I love about this sandwich is that it mimics the one you will piece together on Boxing Day while adding a flash of culinary flare.

The Eat Festive Full Works bloomer takes joint top spot for an authentic tasting post Christmas lunch

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Serve on a multi-seed bloomer you get all the traditional trimmings  of turkey, cranberry and stuffing with the added bonus of honey glazed ham.

The cranberry in particular is something to be applauded as this is the real what-you-mamma-serves deal compared to the thinly spread jam imitations you’ll find on many a supermarket shelf.

The absense of slippery mayo is also very welcome. – Martha Cliff 

RATING: 5/5 

LEON CHRISTMAS WRAP £5.45 (available from November 15)

Turkey, ham hock, and pork, sage & onion stuffing balls, all wrapped up with spinach, tarragon mayo and a cranberry & clementine sauce. 

Leon’s signature festive wrap returns and it is just as delicious. 

The Leon Christmas wrap comes in joint first for being ‘just delicious’

The succulent turkey, ham hock and pork, sage and onion stuffing balls provide a filling that is satisfying while avoiding the stodginess that ruins many Christmas offerings. 

The spinach offers a welcome crunch while the fact that it is served hot means it’s also perfect for keeping hands warm on a chilly winter’s day. Sure to be one of the best around and would highly recommend! – Steph Linning

RATING: 5/5 



Turkey breast slices and a sausage, bacon, sage and onion stuffing and finished with cranberry sauce

I hate to say this but for me this is the worst turkey sandwich I have tried thanks to the tidal wave of mayonnaise sandwiched between the bread. 

Coming in bottom is Tesco’s turkey & trimmings which lost points for excess mayo  

It really put me off which is a shame as the sausage was a good addition and the bread sturdy enough to hold the filling. 

The turkey is very decent and the cranberry sauce was to be applauded but the mountains of mayo had be on the cusp of gagging. Sorry Tesco, you can’t win em all. – Martha Cliff 

RATING: 1/5   



Turkey, cranberry and stuffing in a toasted sandwich with a melted cheese topping 

The festive toastie reminded me very much of a Croque Monsieur. It was everything you wanted in a good toastie – tasty and plentuful filling and a good quality bread that holds it all together.

I really wanted to eat whole thing and would have done if I was not stuffed with a deluge of other Christmas sandwich. I can imagine it may become sickly but that might just be my over exposure. – Martha Cliff

RATING: 4.5/ 5


A hot gold-dusted brioche bun suffed with slices of turkey, cranberry sauce and emmental cheese

If you are looking for something festive this is definitely the way to go. With the winter spice chutney and a thin sliced turkey that is reminiscent of deli meat I found this was very easily chowed down even by this over stuffed sandwich taster. The glitter, while unnecessary, is a lovely touch– Martha Cliff

Costa’s Christmas toastie just missed out on the top spot by half a point 

RATING: 4.5/ 5 


Turkey, bacon and stuffing with cranberry sauce sandwiched between granary bread

Costa’s British Turkey Feast sandwich is delicious, with the familiar taste of Christmas coming through thanks to the presence of the pork stuffing and cranberry sauce. 

My main criticism is that for a sandwich called Turkey Feast, there doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of turkey included. 

That aside, it remains a tasty lunchtime treat, with the flavours perfectly balanced.  – Emily Chan

RATING: 4/5 

Caffe Nero’s Festive Turkey Ciabatta was delicious aside from the wilted salad


Turkey, streaky bacon, sweet and zesty cranberry and orange chutney, pork and sage stuffing and a rich gravy.

This tasted very much like a Subway sandwich and by that I mean it was hard to differentiate from the none festive menu. 

The stuffing doesn’t have an overly strong flavour and turkey is the thin kind you can expect in your average Subway melt. The gravy was a truly great addition but again did not give me that Christmassy feeling.

While this was thoroughly enjoyable it is not Christmas enough a sandwich for me. Martha Cliff

RATING: 4/5  


Turkey and cranberry on malted wheat bread with spinach leaves 

At 325 calories I wasn’t expecting anything too fantastic when it came to this sandwich but I was pleasently surprised. Yes it is not the ultimate festive lunch and yes you forgo the turkey but it is pretty tasty. 

The turkey is a good quality and the addition of spinach almost makes you forget what your missing. Only critism is that it is a little dry – but you can’t expect too much sauce when you’re slimming. – Martha Cliff

RATING: 3.5/ 5  

The Subway Christmas Cracker Sub while tasty failed to make its taster feel festive


Turkey, stuffing, bacon and cranberry served in a toasted ciabatta 

Served in a ciabatta this sandwich does not suffer from filling fall out that you see in a lot of over stuffed turkey sandwiches.

The filling itself is exactly what you might expect from a seasonal sarnie including a good quality turkey and bacon as well as a delightful peppery seasoning. 

A less welcome addition takes the form of a VERY wilted salad – salad in a toastie is a concept I totally fail to grasp.

The toastie does suffer a little shrinkage, but that isn’t uncommon and does not affect the flavour. – Martha Cliff

RATING: 3.5/ 5 

The Sainsbury’s Turkey Feats was admittedly ‘forgettable’ in the grand scheme of Christmas sandwich 


Turkey, stuffing, bacon, cranberry sauce, chicken mayonnaise & spinach topped off with crispy onions served in a malted wheat baguette

A delicious festive baguette that packed a flavoursome punch, with just the right amount of filling. Top marks for the turkey (not too dry) and generous helping of sweet cranberry sauce. 

The crispy bacon and herby stuffing makes this a standout sarnie overall, despite the (slightly superfluous) spinach. 

However the flavourless and slightly stale bread pushed it down to a 3.5 for me. – Unity Blott

RATING: 3.5/5   


Traditional turkey and cranberry sandwich complete with a chunky serving of Cumberland stuffing

There isn’t much to complain about with Sainsbury’s take on the classic festive sandwich, but there’s nothing about it that stands out, either. 

A perfectly nice combination of turkey meat, cranberry sauce and chunks of stuffing, it’s enough to give you that Christmassy kick, but ultimately on the forgettable side. – Kerry McDermott



Traditional turkey, bacon, stuffing and cranberry sauce on malted bread

I am a Greggs fan through and through and will not hear a word against their tuna baguette -but while their festive offering was good, it was not great.  

Packed full of the traditional filler, turkey, stuffing, cranberry, bacon, there was in my opinion, an unwelcome guest.

The lettuce in the Greggs Christmas lunch let down the sandwich and scored it a 3/5

There is something fairly unnatural about a lettuce leaf in a Christmas sandwich as it is not something that would wind up on your plate come December 25. If in need of a little greenery, I always prefer a bit of spinach.

The bread is the sort that really sticks to the roof of your mouth so can make the eating a bit laborious.   

BUT the filling proportions were very good. My sandwich was full enough without anything dropping out. The stuffing had a fantastic flavour – one of the best I’ve had where it really added something rather than be just ‘filler.’ – Martha Cliff

RATING: 3/5 


Slices of turkey with pork sausages and streaky bacon on malted wheat 

A treat for the meat-lovers out there, this sandwich is filled with slices of turkey, chopped-up sausages and bacon – with the result being surprisingly tasty. 

The mayonnaise prevents the sandwich from being too dry, but it could do with a lot more cranberry sauce to cut through the meatiness. 

The ratio of sausages to turkey and bacon could also be improved – with the sandwich feeling slightly sausage-heavy. – Emily Chan

RATING: 3/5  


Turkey, bacon and stuffing on malted bread

While this sandwich is not bad at all it is not quite the ‘feast it promises.’ 

It is well filled and while a little chewy in places it has a decent stuffing and a tasty cranberry. A good budget sarnie.-Martha Cliff

Rating 3/5  


Turkey, with bacon and sage and onion stuffing, accompanied with a dollop of cranberry sauce on malted wheat bread 

Surprisingly, this is less than 100 calories more than its Shapers counterpart and I wouldn’t say for the additional calories you get too much extra. 

The crispy bacon is obviously a welcome addition but I actually missed the spinach! –Martha Cliff

RATING: 3/5  

The perfectly average Starbucks Turkey Feast Panini scored a perfectly average 3


Turkey pork & onion sausage streaky bacon sage and onion stuffing caramalised onion and sage mayonnaise cranberry sauce fried onion malted bread

I have mixed feelings about this sandwich. I have no idea what the appeal of a stuffing-mayonnaise condiment is and I certainly do not care for it between two slices of bread.

Having said that, this sandwich is well filled with a good proportion of ingredients. Everything stays together. There is a strong onion flavour but it is not unpleasant and the meat quality is good. -Martha Cliff

RATING: 3/5    


Turkey, streaky bacon and stuffing topped with emmental cheese and served in a toasted ciabatta  

There is nothing offensive about this sandwich but there is nothing stand out either. 

It is a perfectly adequate lunch and what you might describe as ‘canteen’ quality.

The bread is a very good quality though I would have preferred much more toasted than it was. The chutney is the highlight as the bacon is a little on the shriveled side and while turkey and stuffing is very nice it is a bit sporadic. The cheese is always a welcome addition – Martha Cliff



Turkey, bacon and stuffing with a dollop of cranberry on malted bread 

This was very tasty although remarkably, not as tasty as the vegan option (scroll down for info) . The turkey was great and stuffing was generous, but the bacon was a little too salty for my liking and the cranberry sauce a tad too sweet. –Martha Cliff

RATING: 3/5  

The addition of pickles in the Turkey, Ham & Cheese toastie from Starbucks was an unwelcome surprise


Turkey, honey glazed ham and pickles on white bread topped with melted cheese 

This is another festive toastie to embrace a Croque Monsieur style format. Rather than over stuff it with shredded turkey and ham hock Starbucks has, wisely in my opinion, chosen a thinly sliced meat for the filling.

I was not expecting the pickles which actually felt pretty unnecessary like the ones in a Big Mac and I could easily have done without them. – Martha Cliff

RATING: 2.5/5


Turkey, streaky bacon, sage and onion stuffing and cranberry on malted wheat 

The stuffing in this sandwich is really very good and in fact the turkey and the bacon is also very decent, no complaints there. While the filling may be thinner than other more premium sandwiches you get a decent amount for your money. 

What lets this sandwich down is  is the bread which disintegrate to nothing in your mouth and pulling the score down at least one point – sorry Co-op, I can’t let that one slide. – Martha Cliff

RATING:  2.5/5   


Turkey breast, streaky bacon, pork and sage stuffing, with sprout and fried onion coleslaw in a tortilla wrap

While a wrap is a nice alternative to the traditional Christmas sandwich, Lidl’s Festive Wrap sadly failed to live up to expectations. 

There was too much tortilla wrap for my liking compared to turkey, bacon and stuffing filling, and the overall taste was rather bland. 

EAT’s ‘stale’ baguette bought the Festive Full Works down to an average score 

The Brussel sprout and fried onion coleslaw was a nice idea, but made the wrap taste healthy rather than delicious. – Emily Chan

RATING: 2.5/5 

PRET’S CHRISTMAS LUNCH £3.75 (50p goes to charity)

Thick slices of free-range turkey with port & orange cranberry sauce, herby pork stuffing and baby spinach leaves. Finished with a dab of mayo and crispy onions. 

I really really wanted to like this sandwich, but I am sad to say I was bitterly disappointed.I opened the box to a spinach overload and upon picking up the sandwich half of the filling dropped into my lap. 

The crispy onions in this sandwich are always a winner but I was completely put off when I bit into a bit of gristle. I would also say that the stuffing was a tad too peppery this year. 

I may may have had a bad batch but I’m sorry Pret, you’ve let a fan down. – Martha Cliff

RATING: 2/5 

M&S’ Turkey Feat was good but surprisingly not as good as the vegan option according to our tasters

SAINSBURY’S TURKEY, BACON AND CRANBERRY – £2.00 (part of meal deal)

Turkey, bacon and a dollop of cranberry sauce on wheat bread 

This isn’t the sort of Christmas sandwich I would normally go for as I like a bit of stuffing, and my experience with this one hasn’t swayed me.

The bacon was barely noticeable and while the turkey was fine the main flavour I got came from the very sweet jam like cranberry.

Even looking at the somewhat sad and thin sandwich you can see it is not worthy of a Christmas lunch leftover.

While not inedible I feel like there are much better options from Sainsbury’s this year (see The Big Beef).  – Martha Cliff

RATING: 2/5 


This sandwich has all the makings of a decent festive lunch – but is truly let down by the bread. 

The loaf used is of a very thin variety and did nothing to contain the many elements inside the sandwich.

The filling was poorly distributed and while it was not a disaster but not going to set the world alight – Martha Cliff



Turkey, streaky bacon, sweet and cranberry and orange chutney, pork and sage stuffing and a rich gravy in a spinach wrap. Subway recommend having with crunchy lettuce, tomato slices and onion.

For me there are certain things that don’t belong in a wrap and gravy is one of them. I also followed the guidelines and had lettuce and tomato in mine, which again I feel have no place alongside gravy.

The experience proved to be a very wet one, there was one too many soggy ingredients and if I’d lost one this wrap might have been a slightly more enjoyable and less messy meal. – Martha Cliff 

RATING: 2/5 


Malted bread with turkey, bacon, sausages, cranberry sauces and stuffing 

As someone who truly dislikes sausage in a sandwich these ones were surprisingly forgivable. 

What was unforgivable was the mushy stuffing-mayonnaise that was holding the whole thing together, almost as though someone had already chewed it once for me and for that the whole experience was bought down to a 1.5. – Martha Cliff

RATING: 1.5/ 5 

The best – and worst – vegetarian Christmas sandwiches  



Sweet potato falafel with Wensleydale & cranberry cheese and spiced plum chutney

I don’t think anybody in the world would describe falafel as being festive – even my dad, who regularly serves me a normal roast dinner with a mystery (and often inappropriate) item from the freezer in place of the meat, wouldn’t dare put falafel on my plate on Christmas Day. 

That being said, the falafel was surprisingly good and worked well with the Wensleydale cheese (something that definitely is Christmassy). The spiced plum chutney was a nice addition and ensured the wrap wasn’t too dry. 

The wrap definitely didn’t feel stingy – there was plenty of falafel and cheese – and the fresh spinach plus reduced fat cheese made it feel relatively healthy. – Dianne Apen-Sadler

Pret’s veggie sandwich, while not especially festive, proved to be a taste sensation 

RATING: 4/5  

PRET’S VEGGIE CHRISTMAS LUNCH £3.75 (50p goes to charity)

Roasted butternut squash, rocket and Christmas pesto. Served with a spoonful of yoghurt & mayo dressing and a sprinkling of crispy onions.  

This is definitely the best out of all the veggie sandwich options I’ve tried. They’ve managed to pull off nice firm slices of butternut squash that don’t go soggy, which is no mean feat. 

The crispy onions cut through the sweetness and add the necessary crunch along with the nuts. Admittedly, I couldn’t really taste the ‘Christmas nut pesto’ apart from coming across the occasional very enjoyable crunchy pecan. 

But they did well to resist lashing on cranberry sauce and using yogurt dressing instead. I wouldn’t say it’s especially festive, but I’d take that over some of the other shocking veggie options out there. – Siofra Brennan

RATING: 4/5 



Pumpkin tortilla wrap with sweet, maple roasted vegetables and a traditional vegetarian stuffing

Tesco came at the bottom of the pile for the veggie wrap described as a ‘joyless’ experience 

This is sadly the most joyless thing I’ve ever tasted! It’s just like having cold leftover roasted veg that you’re struggling to use up, inside a soggy wrap. 

All the roast veg tastes exactly the same and I didn’t pick up any hint of sage and onion stuffing or cranberry sauce – the only discernible dressing is a hint of mayo. It’s also desperately crying out for some crunch. 

The only positive I can say is that there’s a nice, if faint hint of spice in the form of the turmeric – Siofra Brennan

RATING: 1/5 



Rosemary topped focaccia with creamy Brie and cranberry sauce 

My forays into the vegetarian section are few and far between when it comes to festive sandwiches (more turkey and bacon, please), but Starbucks’ brie and cranberry focaccia was a pleasant surprise. 

The Brie and Cranberry Focaccia from Starbucks has a ‘generous’ helping of brie 

A generous helping of brie – almost too generous, as the cheese was just teetering on the edge of overpowering – was balanced by a good dollop of cranberry sauce in a soft focaccia roll. 

The sandwich is served warm but was almost cold by the time I’d eaten it, so I didn’t experience it at its best, but it was still enjoyable. – Kerry McDermott

RATING: 3.5/5 


Creamy Brie and crunchy nut stuffing with sweet peppery cranberry sauce and spinach on onion seed bloomer 

The bloomer bread was nice and soft and the cranberry sauce and stuffing definitely tasted festive. 

EAT’s Brie, Cranberry & Stuffing On Onion Seed needed to up the strength of its cheese

The brie wasn’t particularly strong though, and it got a bit lost. Could have done with being thicker, creamier slices of a stronger tasting variety. – Siofra Brennan 



Creamy brie and cranberry with spinach on a malted wheat loaf 

The Boots brie and cranberry sandwich was soft and flavoursome with a nice Christmas message ‘Jingle Bells’ in the box under the sandwich. 

There was a generous helping of creamy brie and flavoursome cranberry although I did leave the crusts. – Jessica Rach

RATING: 3/5 


Slices of brie with a dollop of cranberry sauce with spinach leaves on brown bread

I’m normally a cheese devotee but this veggie-friendly sandwich didn’t cut it for me. 

The brie slices were a little on the bland side, the rocket was limp and the cranberry sauce tasted more like a saccharine strawberry jam, with the unnecessary addition of mayonnaise. 

Its saving grace was the seeded brown bread which was soft and spongy. Overall, not brie-lliant. – Unity Blott

RATING: 2/5   

WAITROSE BRIE, GRAPE & PLUM CHUTNEY £2.21 (introductory offer full price £2.95) 

Creamy brie and grape and plum chutney with spinach leaves served on malted bread 

The ingredients listed on this sandwich sound promising and the packaging looks appealing but sadly it tastes quite dry.

Despite the generous amount of Brie the other fillings were almost non-existent, especially the grapes.

Overall it’s not a sandwich I would choose to have again in a hurry unless they improve the balance of filling and make the bread softer. – Latoya Gayle



The best – and worst – vegan Christmas sandwiches 



Turkey is swapped for soya protein, with cranberry chutney and spinach on malted brown bread 

Well well well – I had truly no intention of actually finishing this sandwich. As a true carnivore a quick cursory bite was all I was planning but lo and behold I polished it off. 

The M&S No Turkey Feast was so good that the taste tester has since been back for more

It was very good – the soya was not rubbery and actually a very impressive mock meat and the addition of crisply onions and a sharp cranberry resulted in a surprisingly delicious sandwich. I must confess I have eaten two… – Martha Cliff

RATING: 5/5  

LEON VEGAN CHRISTMAS FALAFEL WRAP £4.45 (available from November 15) 

Sweet potato falafel topped with cranberry & clementine sauce and sage & onion mayo, with rocket, toasted pine nuts and crispy onion.

When I saw this wrap, my first thought was ‘not more falafel’ and my second was ‘this isn’t very Christmassy’. 

And then I tasted it. The amount of cranberry sauce is perfect and it transforms the falafel completely, making every bite more festive than the last. 

Leon’s Vegan Christmas Falafel Wrap was compared to a ‘hug on Christmas Day’

The pine nuts and crispy onion scattered throughout adds crunch to the wrap that could easily be at risk of lacking texture. In fact, this wrap has made me a convert – no longer will I dismiss falafel as being un-Christmassy. Who needs turkey when this wrap feels like a hug on Christmas Day? – Dianne Apen-Sadler

RATING: 5/5 


A run-of-the-mill, boring vegan sandwich, this certainly is not. The light and fluffy pumpkin bread provides a wonderful base for a delicious butternut squash and carrot mix, infused with smokey chipotle slaw, which offers the perfect amount of spice to offset the sweetness of the cranberries and pomegranate kernels. 

A welcome festive addition comes in the form of spiced pumpkin stuffing, with Brussels sprout pesto rounding off this Christmas taste sensation. – Louise Saunders




Winter-spiced falafel are tucked inside a wrap with houmous and red cabbage

There’s certainly nothing wrong with this sandwich, but if you’re hoping for a festive flavour you’ll be sadly disappointed. 

They’ve added some spice to try an oomph up the Christmas taste, but you just get a random hint of clove which seems a bit out of place and otherwise it just tastes like any other falafel wrap. 

It had a very nice crunch thanks to the red cabbage and it wasn’t too dry, which is sometimes a fault with falafel sandwiches. 

There was supposed to be some kind of Moroccan chutney in there, possibly as a cranberry sauce alternative but I couldn’t massively taste that either. It wasn’t awful, but I’ve had to deduct an extra point for it not fitting the Christmas bill! – Siofra Brennan

Co-op lost points with its Bubble & Squeak which proved to be a ‘mushy’ sandwich 



Spicy bubble and squeak patties in a chilli and pepper bread, along with roasted red cabbage, chestnuts, spinach, cranberry sauce, vegan mayo and sage and onion stuffing.

This vegan-friendly sandwich certainly packs a punch! 

The chilli from the filling combined with the chilli and pepper bread leaves the mouth with a tingling aftertaste and dominates the flavour of the sage and online stuffing and cranberry chutney. 

The red cabbage added a welcome crunch. The bread is a little bit crumbly but less so than other vegan offerings. – Steph Linning



Roast veg bubble & squeak served with beetroot and spinach on malted bread

Never have I ever purposefully selected a vegan sandwich and sadly this was a reminder why. The mushy roast veg made the whole experience slightly unpleasant like eating a baby food sandwich – a bland one at that.

The Red cabbage adds a much needed tang to the situation and the spinach leaves help to ‘de-mush’ it slightly  but otherwise very few redeeming features. – Martha Cliff


PRET VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS LUNCH £3.75 (50p goes to charity) 

Grilled carrots, crispy onions and baby spinach with vegan stuffing and port & orange cranberry sauce. Finished with caramelised pecans.

For someone who isn’t a fan of vegetables this perhaps wasn’t the most sensible choice, and it failed to help me find a renewed passion for the green stuff. 

The filling wasn’t the most appealing texture and lacked flavour, as did carrots- all in all a slightly bland, but I’m sure healthy, lunch experience. – Jessica Rach

RATING: 2/5 



Coronation bloomer paired with Indian spice with crunchy cauliflower and sweet raisins sandwiched between onion seed bloomer slices 

Christmas might be bring to mind pigs in blankets and plenty of turkey, but this vegan sandwich from EAT proves you don’t need meat to feel festive. 

The coronation style filling is packed with flavour and is solid enough to avoid dripping and becoming overly messy. 

That combined with its substantial size means it is more than enough for a satisfying lunch. The only slight drawback is the bread, which is crumbly and slightly dry. – Steph Linning 

RATING: 4/5  


I was pleasantly surprised by this sandwich, especially as I’m not a big fan of vegetables. 

The bread was better than non-vegan bread and the veg was crispy and flavoursome. 

Even the packaging was impressively sleek and didn’t appear budget. – Jessica Rach

RATING: 3.5/5 

The best – and worst – novelty Christmas sandwiches  



Double layers of rare beef, a whole gravy-soaked Yorkshire pudding and thick cheese fondue sauce are sandwiched in an egg-washed soft white roll  

This was the most surprising of all the sandwiches I’ve tried. With hundreds to taste I put this one down as a novelty, something I would take one bite from before discarding.

Boy was I wrong. Far from being soggy, the gravy soaked Yorkshire is just as tasty as it might be on the plate. While it looks like a mouthful it is easy to bite, and the beef lovely tender – no laborious chewing necessary! 

The Big Beef contains slices of the meet inside a brioche bun, and turned out to be far more than just a novelty 

All the ingredients are houses in a good quality roll and slathered in a cheese fondu sauce – outrageous.

My only criticism is that, while they made an effort to chuck a few spinach leaves in it could do with a sharp element to cut through all the carb, mustard, some chutney perhaps? However, this carb on carb delight is perfect for post Christmas party lunch – but it is HEAVY so perhaps not your average desk snack. Go on try one – what’s your beef? – Martha Cliff

RATING: 4/5 


British ham hock and tangy Farmhouse cheddar, paired with a plum & Bramley apple chutney, provides a seasonal taste for those who enjoy trying something different at Christmas. 

I was slightly wary of the overabundance of ham hock, which looked like it might have come out of a can (but fortunately didn’t taste like it). 

The cheddar cheese and chutney were spot-on, but I was most impressed that the bread was still soft and fresh after five hours in the office fridge. A winner! – Unity Blott

RATING: 4/5 

Sainsbury’s Ham & Cheese Fondue was praised for the addition of cornichons which our tester felt there should have been more of


Smoked ham with a layer cheese fondue, plus added crunchy cornichons 

As a fan of regular ham and cheese sandwiches, the fondue version from Sainsbury’s peaked my interest more so than a traditional turkey. 

As a pickle lover the fact the festive option came ‘with cornichons’, elevated this usually plain sandwich and the creamy, gooey cheese made it a delightfully satisfying lunch. 

This would have received full marks if there were more cornichons and had been a little bit more tart to balance out the heavy fondue. – Natalie Corner

RATING: 4/5 



Three mini soft rolls, with turkey & cranberry filling, a prawn cocktail and a ‘black forest’ on a chocolate roll 

A trio of sandwiches is a great idea for someone looking to sample different festive flavours but unfortunately they were all a little disappointing. 

Tesco’s Finest Festive Trio had the lowest marks with the prawn sandwich the ‘worst of the bunch’ 

The rolls all looked a little unappetising in the packaging and lacked any distinct flavour.

The best of the bunch was the turkey and cranberry, although the lack of filling meant it fell short of other offerings on the high street. 

A fine concept but wouldn’t rush to have another. – Steph Linning




Shredded turkey served in a traditional coronation sauce with spinach

Complete with the ungodly yellow glow of a turkey curry I was a little apprehensive when it came to this sandwich, however, I was pleasently surprised.

Like a turkey curry it was unexpectedly tasty. The retro flavourite is housed in a good quality brioche roll meaning it isn’t soggy at all. 

This is  a very authentic coronation sandwich meaning that sultanas are included and if you’re adverse to turkey flavour (can never understand this) then probably not one for you. – Martha Cliff

RATING: 3.5/5 


 Nero’s festive Pigs In Blanket toastie was surprisingly good. It wasn’t as stodgy as I had feared and the sausages were well done and balanced nicely with the cheesy bread topped off with cranberries.

Not too stodgy or soggy and the right amount of festive rolled all into one. –Jessica Rach

RATING: 3.5/5  

The Caffe Nero Pigs On Blankets Tostati Melt was well balanced and not ‘too stodgy’ 

WAITROSE HAM HOCK AND CHILLI LILLI £1.72 (introductory offer, full price £2.30)

Ham hock with a chilli piccalilli and spinach on white bread

Plump as a pillow, the thick white bread is a good start for this posh ham sandwich which wins points for the choice of spinach over dull as dishwater lettuce – or the dreaded ‘mixed leaf’ sludge. 

The chilli-lilli -a spicy piccalilli mixed with mayonnaise is a welcome addition to the blandness of the ham – which despite being chunky and abundant, is also a bit tasteless and on the dry side. 

Over, all a decent sandwich which, at well under 400 calories, leaves you feeling full and satisfied. – Rod Ardehali 

RATING: 3.5/5 

WAITROSE FESTIVE SPICED STAR WITH HAM AND WENSLEYDALE £2.88 (Introductory offer full price £3.85)

The Waitrose spiced ham bap was flavoursome but a little heavy and perhaps lacked some festive cheer. 

However, for anyone looking for a ham sandwich with a slight twist, it does the job – Jessica Rach

RATING: 3/5  

Waitose & Partners Festive Spiced Star ‘lacked festive cheer’ according to our tasters despite being in a star shape


Ham hock and cheddar with pickled onions on a soft white bloomer

The M&S ham hock and farmhouse cheddar was perfectly balanced with pickled onions and a mayonnaise keeping the thick sliced white bloomer bread from going dry. 

While the ham hock was a little chewy for my liking there was enough cheese to still make it a tasty festive sandwich. – Natalie Corner

RATING: 3/5 


A marmalade soft sub roll is filled with smoked ham, bubble and squeak and a sprout slaw

While I’m impressed by Tesco’s creative approach to the Christmas sandwich – a mash-up of Boxing Day leftovers in a soft roll – I’m not sure I’d want to spend the festive season at the home of whoever came up with the recipe. 

Aside from the unlikely presence of a carrot and cabbage fritter alongside the turkey, ham, Brussel sprout ‘slaw and cranberry sauce, the bread is flavoured with marmalade. I can’t ever recall marmalade being served as a garnish alongside my turkey in the past, and eating this didn’t inspire me to do so in future. 

Although it was hard to tell exactly what was in it due to the overwhelming flavour of orange, pigs in blankets and stuffing were noticeable by their absence. – Kerry McDermott 

RATING: 2/5   





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