The Grown-up’s guide to elegant brows

The Grown-up’s guide to elegant brows and how, if you get it right, they’ll take years off you

  • Many make-up artists claim eyebrows make the biggest impact on appearance 
  • Jaimineey Patel revealed how brows can slim the face and give a youthful look
  • The brow specialist suggested products from Charlotte Tilbury and Bobbi Brown
  • Jaimineey recommends darkening brows to draw attention to your eyes

So what’s the most important step in your beauty routine? While plenty of women would say it’s a flick of mascara or a sweep of bold lipstick, many make-up artists feel differently.

They say it is, in fact, our eyebrows that have the biggest impact on our face — and perfecting your arches should be a fundamental part of your beauty regime.

Because of the way that eyebrows fade and become thinner with age, defining and shaping them has a decidedly rejuvenating effect on the face.

Even better, if you apply products cleverly, you can draw attention to your eyes, make your face appear longer and slimmer and give yourself a mini eye-lift.

In a sign that we’ve woken up to this power, the market for eyebrow products and treatments is now worth £41.8 million — double what it was in 2015.

Blink Brow Bar specialist Jaimineey Patel, revealed a series of eyebrow styling tips and the best products for transforming the appearance of your face. She suggests using darker shades on everyday brow looks (pictured) to define their natural shape

The recent fashion has been for bold, bushy brows — as worn by the elegant Elizabeth Taylor and, more recently, model Cara Delevingne.

So there was uproar when pop star Rihanna appeared on the cover of September’s Vogue with her natural brows blanked out and replaced with a single, pencil-thin sweep of crayon.

Not everyone can carry off this style, which made even Rihanna look a little strange. But you can accentuate your looks by working on your brows. After all, they’re the one major facial feature whose shape you can easily change!

But how do you get the effect you want — and avoid looking harsh or overdone?

From hair-thickening gels to crayons, pencils and styling pomades to give you the perfect shape, brow specialist Jaimineey Patel, from Blink Brow Bar, shows you how…

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  • Benefit Gimme Brow Eyebrow Gel (below, £20.50, Tiny mascara-type wand of brow thickening gel.
  • Bobbi Brown Brow Kit (left, £38, Two shades of powder with mini tweezers for emergency shaping.
  • Brow Lift pencil by Charlotte Tilbury (£22.50, A waxy pencil for shaping and colouring your brows.
  • Glossier Boy Brow (£14, The tiny brush makes it easy to comb tinted gel into hairs.
  • BLINK Brow Bar Brow Sculpting Pomade (above), Ultra Slim Brow Definer, Ultimate Arch Definer, Brow Build Gel and Conceal And Lift pencil (from £18,

Jaimineey claims moving brow arches higher (pictured) can create the illusion of a slimmer face. She suggests using an eyebrow pencil to sculpt the shape before highlighting underneath the brow to enhance the new arch


A darker shade on your eyebrows will define their natural shape and draw attention to your eyes.

‘This is an easy brow look that anyone can achieve — it only uses one product,’ says Jaimineey. Using a slim, retractable brow pencil (Blink Ultra Slim Brow Definer in Chai, £17), she starts at the inner corner of the brow. ‘Just make gentle hairline strokes all the way across. This product is a great basic as the tip is really thin. It’s a case of colouring in what is there to give a little emphasis, without adding anything extra.

‘Then take an eyebrow brush and comb through the hairs in the direction in which they naturally grow.’


Moving the arch of your brow higher adds height to your face, making it look longer and slimmer — perfect for those with round faces.

‘Start by using an eyebrow pencil at the inner corner with hairline strokes.

Jaimineey says thickening brows with a pencil can reverse the signs of ageing (pictured). She recommends using a brow gel on naturally thin eyebrows

‘But, instead of following the bottom line of your brow, create an arch just a tiny fraction outside it. Its peak should be just above the highest point of your natural arch and it should then descend in a straight line to where your brow naturally ends.’

To enhance the new arch, Jaimineey advises using the Conceal And Lift pencil (£19) as a highlighter on the skin underneath, because it has an angled end for an easily controlled line that can be blended in smoothly.


As you age, your brows and lips can grow paler and stand out less. Reverse this by faking a bold brow and you’ll take years off instantly.

The best way to add volume to your own brows, says Jaimineey, is to add the extra thickness to the top of your brows, not the bottom.

‘Using a thicker brow pencil than you would for natural brows (Ultimate Arch Definer, £22), work from the inner edge of the brow out, making hairline strokes,’ she says.

Jaimineey claims the appearance of an eye lift can be achieved by reshaping brows. She suggests styling the brows straight with a low, wide arch to open up the eye area

‘Draw slightly outside the natural line of the brow as you reach the top.

‘Then use a soft, straight brush (like a miniature toothbrush) to gently blend.’

If your brows are naturally thin, use a thickening brow gel (Brow Build Gel, £20) — like mascara for your brows.


If you’ve ever wondered what an eye lift may be like, this is how to redesign your brows for the same effect.

‘A straight brow with a low, wide arch opens up the eye area, which makes you look younger, since the skin around the eyes sags as we age,’ says Jaimineey.

To do this, Jaimineey uses an eyebrow powder (Brow Sculpting Pomade, £18) and an angled brush. ‘Draw a straight line across the top of your brow from the inner corner towards the top of your arch,’ she says.

‘Continue this line up towards the hair line for a couple of millimetres.

‘Finally, draw in a line from the arch straight out towards the temple. That’s what gives the impression of width and lift.’

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