The highly-rated Ergoflex 5G mattress is on sale with up to £360 off

Beat the heat: This mattress with ‘cool-sleep airflow’ is the solution for hot sleepers this summer – and it’s £360 off right now


  • The Ergoflex 5G is specifically designed as a pressure-relieving sleep surface
  • Designed with a 5-layer sleep system, it absorbs more pressure and offers better support to your spine, hips and shoulders 
  •  The Cool-Sleep airflow system allows air circulation and heat disposal
  • You can save up to £364 using discount code SAVE45 at checkout 

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Providing body hugging comfort as well as pressure-relieving support, a memory foam mattress is a brilliant way to ease aches and pains and get your best night’s sleep yet. 

And thousands of shoppers have called the Ergoflex 5G Mattress the best of the best, hailing it ‘very supportive and comfortable’, for ‘the most comfortable sleep’ ever.

Meticulously designed to deliver optimum posture support, the Ergoflex also has a special Cool-Sleep airflow system which allows air circulation and heat disposal. If you’re a hot sleeper or worried about catching enough z’s during this summer’s heatwave, then this could change the game.

Hot sleeper? The Ergoflex 5G has all the cradling comfort of a memory foam mattress but with a specially-engineered Cool-Sleep airflow layer at its core. 

This helps maintain a comfortable sleeping temperature by preventing warmth from building up within the mattress. 

Save up to 45 per cent off with the discount code SAVE45 at checkout. 

Pressure-relieving and supportive: With over 9,000 reviews (and counting), shoppers have praised the Ergoflex 5G Mattress for helping them achieve their best sleep yet 

And the best news? You could save a huge 45 per cent off (that’s up to £360 off) the HD mattress with the code SAVE45.  

If you’re prone to overheating at night, then the UK’s upcoming heatwave might be causing a lot of bedroom anxiety. 

One way to overcome this is with a cooling mattress that will keep you comfortable through even the hottest summer night. 

While picking out a cooling mattress can be a complex and time-consuming process, Ergoflex helps you skip the stress, offering just one model, the Ergoflex 5G. 

The Ergoflex 5G Mattress is said to be suitable for every type of sleeper, even hot sleepers and those with back and neck pain. And looking through the hundreds of glowing reviews, it’s clear shoppers agree. 

If you want the contouring and response of a memory foam mattress but are worried about heat retention, then Ergoflex could be the happy medium you need. 

The foam mattress has been designed with a five-layered sleep system to help absorb pressure and offer better support to your spine for your best sleep yet.

Most importantly, however, is the innovative Cool-Sleep airflow system that rests in the core of the Ergoflex 5G Mattress. Allowing air circulation and heat disposal with a breathable woven TENCEL® outer cover with vented edges helps keep the mattress at a comfortable temperature.

Cradling the body at night, the mattress reduces the pressure on your shoulders and hips, which can contribute to aches and pains

The Ergoflex 5G Mattress also stands out as it’s far denser than the latex or polyurethane foam used in lots of other mattresses.

This absorbs more pressure and offers better support to your spine, hips and shoulders for instant and unrivalled comfort throughout the night. 

Contouring the shape of your body, no part goes uncradled, relieving any pain to give you a feeling of weightlessness, helping you drift off to sleep, and fast. 

One impressed shopper raved: ‘The most comfortable sleep I have ever had. Didn’t smell, they usually do; it is not too hot, the memory foam mattresses usually are; delivered as agreed; firm but really comfortable.’

Another agreed, adding: ‘The comfiest mattress I’ve ever owned. Just the right amount of support, it feels heavenly.’ 

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