The March 2020 Full Supermoon Will Be The Best For These 3 Zodiac Signs

There’s a magical supermoon on the way and its divine message will be as revealing as it is powerful. There’s always plenty to look forward to with the spring equinox around the corner, but the March 2020 supermoon will be the best for these zodiac signs: Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn. There are a number of aspects taking place during this lunation, but what really sticks out is that the full moon will be taking place in the meticulous sign of Virgo the same day Mercury — its planetary ruler — officially goes direct in Aquarius. There are no coincidences, especially in astrology.

A full moon in Virgo in the middle of Pisces season is enough said. Virgo is Pisces’ polar opposite and during the full moon phase, the sun directly opposes the moon. Therefore, the Virgo full moon will always bring much-needed grounding, along with reality checks you’d typically sweep under the rug while the sun is in Pisces. In addition to Mercury stationing direct, the sun will also meet with Neptune a day before the full moon and the moon will align with the Mars-Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto stellium in Capricorn, which will bring a collective wake-up call. Things will start to move a lot quicker, so hang in there.

If you’re wondering what exactly is a supermoon, it simply means that moon is as close to Earth as it can get without flying out of its orbit, which results in a much bigger and brighter moon than usual.

Keeping all of this in mind, here’s why March’s supermoon will be the best for Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn:

Taurus: It’s All Happening For You And You Can Feel It

Despite how much you dislike it, change is inevitable for you right now, Taurus. Thanks to rebellious Uranus traveling through your sign, you are in the midst of a major breakthrough, but more importantly, the full moon will bring you closure and clarity. Glimmering through your creative fifth house of romance, authenticity, and artistic expression, you’ll likely be craving some affection, whether it be romantically or in terms of fame. Personal projects could certainly take off during this time.

Granted, the sun’s conjunction with Neptune might also fog up your rearview mirror, so make sure to follow your instincts. Having faith changes everything.

Virgo: You’re Seeing Things More Clearly Than Before

Open your eyes and soak it all in, Virgo. Pisces season isn’t usually the easiest for you to endure, but there’s something special about the full moon in your sign, especially when it’s a gorgeous supermoon. Relationships have been a big theme for you as of late, and with the sun conjunct Neptune via your committed seventh house of partnerships, there’s likely some unfinished business you will need to take care of during this lunation.

However, if you haven’t come to terms with what I’m referring to, then this lunation will likely bring you some much-needed clarity. Also, feel free to celebrate this moment, as the full moon phase is also a time of harvest.

Capricorn: Your Philosophy Is Expanding And It Shows

What’s next, Capricorn? Sure, you’ve been through a whole lot this past year, but with a stellium of bad boys — aka Mars-Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto — hovering over your sign, you’ve got absolutely nothing to worry about. This is a time for you to move forward and with momentum. The full moon will activate your lucky ninth house of expansion, travel, education, and philosophy, which means you’ll be more than ready to take a much-needed leap of faith.

Although, this lunation goes way beyond that. You’re evolving and all of your hard work is finally paying off, so pat yourself on the back.

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