The most mispronounced words revealed

Revealed: The words people just can’t pronounce because of their tricky spellings – from apropos to hubris (so how many can YOU say correctly?)

  • Twitter users have been sharing the words that they struggle to say out loud
  • Most mispronounced words include apropos, hubris and hors d’oeuvres 
  • Social media user @byepoleher, from Washington DC, kicked off the discussion

From gif to hors d’oeuvres, most people have a word that they just can’t seem to pronounce correctly.

And now people from around the world have revealed the tricky spellings that never fail to trip them up in a hilarious online thread.

Twitter user @byepoleher, from Washington DC, kicked off the discussion on Friday when she posted: ‘Never make fun of someone if they mispronounce a word. It means they learned it by reading.’

Within hours her tweet had gone viral, with more than 13,000 re-tweets and a flood of replies from linguistically challenged people sharing the words they struggled to get their heads around. 

So how many of them can you pronounce? 

Tongue-tied? Twitter users have revealed the words that they struggle to pronounce – from apropos to quinoa (file photo)

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One Twitter user admitted they struggled to pronounce the words segue (pronounced ‘sɛɡweɪ’) and demense (pronounced ‘dɪˈmeɪn’) in an online thread which has gone viral

Hubris ‘hjuːbrɪs’ is pronounced differently to debris (‘dɛbri’) despite similar spellings

Sew, so and sow, are pronounced differently to sow and sough, as this user discovered

Apropos (‘aprəˈpəʊ’) tripped up Twitter user Holly Alem, she confessed in the thread

Akua confessed to pronouncing the world posthumous like the popular Greek dip

Massachusetts (‘masəˈtʃuːsɪts’) is notoriously hard to pronounce as this woman learned

Twitter user Assilem confessed to pronouncing archive phonetically, as ‘our chive’

This woman admitted to getting annoyed at colleagues mispronouncing ‘mocha’ and ‘breve’

Twitter user Marty Ward couldn’t understand why ‘rhetoric’ is not pronounced in the same way as ‘rhetorical’

Ethereal (‘ɪˈθɪərɪəl’) is not an easy word to pronounce as Lisa Leach learned the hard way

This Twitter user inadvertently reads the word Pilates as ‘pilots’ leading to much confusion

Erin reeled off a long list of words she struggled to pronounce, from vinyl to quinoa

Twitter user Lin Rowan pointed out possible confusion attached to the phrase ‘military coup’

This man mistakenly pronounced French word hors d’oeuvre (‘dəːvr(ə’) as ‘whores do-ever’

‘Inevitable’ and ‘queue’ were the two words that tripped up Twitter user Maddie, she confessed

The word lieutenant is pronounced differently in UK and US English, as this man pointed out

Chihuahua is a tricky one to say out loud but it’s certainly not pronounced as ‘chi-who-a-who-a’

Greek God Hermes is not to be confused with luxury label Hermès, as Christine Roberts noted

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