The Most "WTF" News Stories of 2018

“It’s 2018” might just be the handiest catchall phrase of the year. The president is a reality TV star? “It’s 2018.” A bunch of witches went paddle boarding down a river near Portland? “It’s 2018.” Scientists are giving club drugs to octopi? “It’s 2018!!!” 

Over at InStyle, we’re not strangers to the good, the bad, and the WTF. We’ve covered some truly strange events, and tbh, we’re still giggling to ourselves about them, all smug and the like. An accurate visual:  

But before we swap the “18” for a “19” in our favorite ubiquitous phrase, we’re taking a fond trip down memory lane to revisit our 9 strangest news stories of the year. 

Without further ado … 

1. Prince Charles Loves His Wild Squirrels So Much He Lets Them in His House to Play 

Yes, the future King of England has an infatuation with a special variety of rodent. Meanwhile, the squirrels in the U.K. are all like: 

But he’s not the only royal with animal issues … 

2. Queen Elizabeth Faces Off Against Scotland’s Naughtiest Pony

Sure, she loves horses, but this particular pony keeps ruffling the Queen E’s royal feathers. Note to all equine: Don’t poop in front of the Queen of England, OK? 

3. Local Prince Caught Stealing Food from Fellow Do-Gooder Royal at Charity Event

While Dad and Grandma were busy with their favorite animals, Prince Harry was over here stealing samosas at new wife Meghan Markle’s first big speaking engagement since becoming the Duchess of Sussex.

4. What Are “Hawaii Shorts” and Why Did This Vaping Congressman Need Them So Badly

Are they these, Duncan Hunter? Did we crack the “Hawaii shorts” code? 

It was a strange year for politics, but that honestly has nothing on … 

5. So Um, Why Is Everyone Talking About “Bigfoot Erotica?”

This story had everything: Politics; erotica; Olivia Wilde’s mom. Truly wild(e), if we do say so ourselves.

Other unanswered questions of 2018 included: 

6. Can Men Get Away with Wearing Thigh-High Ugg Boots? 

Short answer: No. 

7. Here’s How 23-Year-Old Rapper Post Malone Spent $40k on Postmates

Post Malone is nominated for a Grammy this year, which is great news because he needs to find some way to fund his $40k delivery habit. 

Speaking of 20-something pop royalty … 

8. Why Is Everyone Talking About a Maybe-Fake Justin Bieber and a Burrito?

The best part of the viral image of a fake Justin Bieber eating a burrito, was that it was just weird enough to maybe be true. 

Justin Bieber eating a burrito sideways… That’s all.

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And because we can never get enough Bieber: 

9. Why Is Justin Bieber Sobbing on a CitiBike with Hailey Baldwin?

We never did get to the bottom of this one … 

And, last but not least, we leave you with this:  

10. Why Mario Kart, Stormy Daniels, and Donald Trump Are Currently Trending

In her tell-all memoir, adult film actress Stormy Daniels went into detail about the one thing we never needed details about.

“It’s 2018!!!”

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