The Sexiest Female Cosplayers At Dragon Con 2018 To Follow On Instagram

Dragon Con 2018 is just around the corner, running from August 30 through September 3. While there will be many amazing stars in attendance, including John Barrowman, Peter Capaldi, Gina Torres, and Jennifer Morrison, one of the biggest attractions is all of the amazing cosplaying that will be taking place. Everyone from seasoned professionals with sponsors, to hobbyists who only get in character a few times each year will be on hand. In order to get the most out of attending Dragon Con, or to keep up with all the action if you can’t be there in person, there are a few Instagram feeds to follow to stay in the loop.

The feeds that will be featured are of some of the sexiest female cosplayers appearing at Dragon Con 2018. They each have their own style, but the thing they share is a passion for cosplay, and looking fantastic when they do it. Sarah Peavy is one of the best and undeniably sexiest cosplayers to ever grace a Dragon Con. She is a professional vocalist for Princess Cruise Lines, and she also models on the side. Her Green Arrow gender-swap cosplay was all the rage in 2017, and although there is no hint at what this year will hold, the odds are it will be epic.

“I’m not bad…I’m just drawn that way…”- Jessica Rabbit * Happy Halloween everyone! ???? * * * * * * * #halloween #bombshell #imnotbadimjustdrawnthatway #jessicarabbit #whoframedrogerrabbit #happyhalloween #cartoon #cosplay #costume #instaglam #instafit #legs #pink #sequins #piano #singer #cruiselife #shiplife #model

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Nyota is one of the most ambitious cosplayers that will be at Dragon Con 2018, with six shoots and 12 costumes prepared for the event. Her cosplays are always on point, and her enthusiasm for the art shows in everything she does. She plays regal ladies, and women that like to hit things, and she looks awesome doing it. Her Instagram is definitely a feed to follow and cheer her on as she pulls off each of her cosplays.

Welcome new followers!! I realized last night that even though my cosplay name comes from Star Trek I haven’t actually posted Uhura here in ages?? So? Here we go! . I didn’t think there was a place for me in cosplay before Uhura. This character- and both Nichelle and Zoe’s interpretations- showed me I was wrong. It was one of the first cosplays I made that was upgraded four times until I sprung for the screen accurate @anovos dress. I used to wear it to every single convention. . I haven’t in a little while now, but she still means the world to me. Nyota Uhura’s name is special, taken from the Swahili word “Uhuru” which means “freedom.” Her first name, Nyota, means “Star.” . Uhura, whose name means freedom. I’ve always loved inspiration through hidden name meanings. I couldn’t ask for a better muse. . ????: @coffeequeencosplay ????: @anovos . #uhura #uhuracosplay #startrekcosplay #startrek #startrekcosplay #startrekaos #startrektos #nyotauhura #nichellenichols #zoesaldana #startrekgirl

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Delaney Iki is one of those people that makes people light up when they see her cosplays. She’s sexy for sure, but she gets into her character and and runs with it. She looks like she’s having a blast, even when she’s playing a potentially violent and murderous villain, which is what makes it fun for everyone around her. Her costumes are on the money, her makeup is fantastic, and she is worth the time to check out.

Recently collaborated with @yunikustyle and @savageafservices for this amazing shot of my Bikini Ryuko. Please enjoy!!! ????- @yunikustyle @savageafservices . . . . . . . . . #ryuko #ryukocosplay #ryukokilllakill #ryukokilllakillcosplay #ryukomatoi #ryukomatoicosplay #killlakill #killlakillcosplay #bikini #bikinibabe #bikinicosplay #swimsuitryuko #sexy #water #beach #lewd #sexygirls #cosplay #cosplayer #cosplaygirl #cosplayersofinstagram #willocosplay

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Cindyrella is pure sunshine to see in action. She’s as beautiful and lovely as her cosplays, and her cosplays are top notch. She does collaborations, which not everyone with her level of skill are always into. She is another one of those people that stands out at an event, and her Instagram is sure to be full of amazing photos and great information on what is going on. She is a must-follow feed for anyone that is serious about Dragon Con 2018.

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It wouldn’t be any kind of list if a major shout out to Chelsea wasn’t included. She’s sexy, she’s fun, and her cosplays are out of this world. Her early photos getting ready for Dragon Con 2018 are amazing. The detail in her work is astounding, and best of all she really looks like she’s having a good time. She gets into her character and becomes it, and she is well worth taking the time to check out if the opportunity arises. Her Instagram feed is great and will definitely be hopping as the convention goes on.

Valentines maid saber? My rin wig was bad so yeee #sabercosplay #arturiapendragon #fategrandorder #cosplay #cosplayer #typemoon #fsgego #cosplaygirl #fategocosplay

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As always, whether in person or online, be respectful and encouraging to everyone, and respect their personal space. Please understand that not everyone can stop to talk, pose for photos, or answer questions. They are there to enjoy the event, and encouraging words and genuine compliments go a long way toward showing appreciation for all of their hard work in making these awesome cosplays. The official Dragon Con Instagram feed will also have a variety of photos posted during and after the event, but the amount dedicated to cosplay is usually a bit low.

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