The Sneakerhead From Detroit: 6 Crazy Expensive Sneakers Owned By Eminem

Marshall Bruce Mathers III, popularly known by his stage name Eminem, is a rapper, songwriter, and record producer. The musical sensation is known worldwide for his unique take on the rap genre, with many of his songs breaking racial barriers and depicting his struggles in the real world. His contribution to the world of hip hop in Middle America earned him the accolade of one of the greatest rappers of all time, with his illustrious career comprising a blend of success and struggle.

The successful rapper certainly knows how to live an extravagant lifestyle, with his interests ranging from opulent watches to expensive mansions. One of his most unique areas of interest is in the anchorage of premium sneakers. The God of rap owns some of the most expensive sneakers on the planet. Without further ado, here’s a dive into the otherworldly collection of sneakers owned by the rap legend.

6 Eminem x Carhartt Air Jordan 4

The collaboration of Eminem and famous American apparel company Carhartt resulted in creating the uber-stylish yet exorbitant Air Jordan 4s. These swanky kicks were created to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the world-renowned rapper’s record label, Shady Records. With a terrific price tag of $30,000, these limited edition sneakers were well received by sneakerheads and Eminem fans. Some examples of these popular sneakers fetched upwards of $56,000 at auctions in recent times.

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5 Jordan 4 Retro

Eminem’s uncanny passion for sneakers continues, as these limited edition sneakers, subtitled. ‘Encore,’ was created in collaboration with Nike and Carhartt to reference Shady’s 2004 album. The sneakers in question are doubly special, owing to their limited production run of just 23 pairs. With a jaw-dropping price tag of $32,000, these stylish sneakers command a premium price for a reason, with the rarity factor and the association with Eminem giving these sneakers a priceless aura.

4 Nike Air Max 93 ‘D12’: Charity Series

The Air Max 93 moniker has been around since 1993, and Eminem’s collaboration with Nike only gave a refreshed personality to these popular sneakers. These kicks sport an exquisite aesthetic appeal, with the usage of leather, elephant printing, and even canvas fabric coming together to create a stunning piece of footgear.

The inclusion of the attractive ‘D12’ moniker embroidered on the top half of the shoe only accentuates its aesthetic appeal. With an asking price of upwards of $20,000, these expensive shoes are yet another outrageous addition to the phenomenal collection of the rapper.

3 Air Max 180: Shade 45

These limited edition sneakers were created to commemorate Eminem’s association with Detroit and the popular Shade 45 satellite radio station. The renowned station’s logo appears on each heel of the attractive footgear. The sneakers envelop an exquisite blend of top-of-the-line materials like leather and mesh, with its stunning black, white, and orange color scheme coming together to create a premium-looking piece of high-quality shoes.

At a hefty price tag north of $20,000, these fancy sneakers are a gentle reminder of the lavish lifestyle led by Eminem, with each of his famous pair sporting a unique story behind their creation.

2 Nike Air Max 97

These sneakers feature the ‘Shady’ logo on the side of the toe box, with the side of the uppers of these kicks sporting three stripes of 3M reflective material. These kicks are among the most attractive ones worldwide, with their rarity factor further accentuating their overall appeal. With an enormous price tag of $25,000, Eminem’s collection seems to get more extravagant.

1 Nike Air Force 1

The Air Force 1’s sport, a simple yet attractive black, white and grey color scheme, complements its overall appearance. The familiar ‘Encore’ logo references Eminem’s popular album, with its presence felt around the tongue area and the inserts of the popular footwear. These classy sneakers are referred to as ‘uptowns’ in New York City, with an asking price of $6,000, making them a relatively reasonable pair compared to the other big-money giants in the extravagant collection of the famous rapper.

Eminem’s extravagant lifestyle also includes fancy cars, stylish mansions, and even rare comic books. However, it’s the world-renowned rapper’s exquisite taste in footwear that steals the show. The sneaker collection of Eminem is an awe-inspiring blend of style, passion, and sheer intemperance, with the stories behind the creation of each pair of sneakers sporting a priceless personality of their own. From contributions to various charities to celebratory pieces of art, his sneaker collection exudes a nearly unmatched level of style and panache.

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