There’s a lot going on in Jaden Smith’s new music video

Jaden Smith is making a serious style statement — or 12— in the vibrant new music video for his song “Ghost.”

Cavorting through the neon-lit streets of Tokyo with a posse of Japanese pals, a blond-haired Smith rocks a surgical mask, patchwork jeans, a rainbow-striped crew neck and a pair of twin gold chokers — because one would have been too understated. Par for the course for Will and Jada Smith’s only son.

Over the trap beats of “Ghost” — the latest single from his 2017 debut album, “Syre” — the 19-year-old star stumbles, bounces, hops on one leg, writhes on the steps, flosses his play money and puts in a big product placement for his new G-Star Raw partnership.

The only thing missing is his hair-whipping sister, Willow.

What it all means, we’ll never know. Certainly, the song, at barely over two minutes, doesn’t add up to much (and what’s that lyric about physics class?).

But he does reveal his real rap hero — and it’s not his pop.

“When I wanna grow, I listen to Hov,” he says, referring to Jay-Z.

Damn, the Fresh Prince can’t get any respect.

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