These are America’s favorite drunk snacks

Could you eat more than 3 pounds of bacon, 14 tacos, or six large orders of French fries in one sitting? These are just some of the massive snacks Americans claim to have eaten when drunk.

New research into the snacking choices of Americans while under the influence found the average respondent drunkenly snacks four times a month typically.

So, if you’ve ever regretted scarfing down that entire bag of chips right after a night out drinking — you’re not alone. Eighty-two percent of Americans are self-proclaimed drunk snackers, yet more than 50 percent regret it the next day.

But that doesn’t stop the nearly one in three drunk chefs who say they snack heavily every single time they drink.

The new study shows that chips and dip are one of the most preferred snacks of the drunk and hungry — accounting for 58 percent of drunk snacking and bested only by pizza (66 percent). Rounding out the top five are French fries (54 percent), nachos (49 percent) and tacos (44 percent).

Of course, the ideal snack of inebriated Americans is all of these items at once, eaten while standing in front of the fridge.

The new survey of 2,000 Americans has uncovered that 69 percent of Americans believe they tend to eat worse when drunk. Men tend to seek out spicy tastes, while women surveyed reported preferring a saltier snack.

The survey, conducted by OnePoll in conjunction with Bitchin’ Sauce, found that roughly two-thirds of Americans are completely unaware of how many calories they consume while drinking.

Calories are the biggest drunk snacking regret for Americans (62 percent), followed by stomach issues (50 percent), and the mess made from snacking over the legal limit (48 percent).

In fact, 62 percent reported having purchased healthier snacks to try to trick their drunk selves into eating healthier. Americans, it seems, don’t trust themselves to choose a non-GMO, low-sodium option after they’ve taken advantage of happy hour.

Americans’ relationship with their intoxicated selves isn’t all based in trickery, however. Three quarters (74 percent) report having purchased snacks and specifically set them aside for their drunk self — to the tune of approximately $420 a year.

Americans’ sober selves are taking care of their drunk selves, and it’s a beautiful thing.

“The trend of people getting saucy is definitely on the rise, and chips and dip are definitely a big player on the scene. What starts out as a simple handful of chips typically ends up as an entire bag along with a whole tub if not more of dip,” said a spokesperson for Bitchin’ Sauce.

“We are very interested in the eating patterns of healthy partiers. We don’t think they should need to sacrifice health in the pursuit of drunken satisfaction.”

Snacking while sloshed is risky business — 40 percent have woken up with food in their bed the next day, and roughly one in five have discovered they left food in an odd place like the bathtub or the closet. One-third of Americans have experienced drunkenly leaving the fridge open all night.

Nearly half (46 percent) of those surveyed have attempted to cook up a snack when tipsy. Somewhat unsurprisingly, just 42 percent of those recipes come out as intended. It’s hard to make Michelin star-quality meals when you’re having trouble remembering how your house keys work.

That said, Americans find drunk snacking a vital part of the drinking process. Sixty-four percent believe eating while drunk will help prevent/decrease the severity of a hangover the next day.

“There’s just something about a salty chip that pairs perfectly with a late night not-so-skinny dipping that’s too hard to resist. Fortunately the natural food snacks have been on the rise; you’ll feel much better the morning after devouring a natural snack opposed to some of its more established drunk snacking partners,” said a spokesperson for Bitchin’ Sauce.

“Drunk people will always indulge in satisfying and tasty foods. We don’t think those foods need to be terrible for you.”

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