These are the NAUGHTIEST dogs in the UK so how does YOUR pup stack up?

Are these the UK’s NAUGHTIEST pets? These cats and dogs show very little remorse after terrorising their owners’ home, so how does YOUR pooch stack up?

  • Contents insurance providers, SO-SURE ranked UK’s top ten naughtiest pets Pups were caught red-pawed by their owners after wreaking havoc on the home
  • A pair of black cats showed little remorse after shredding loo roll to pieces

Pets are adorable when they request belly rubs or cuddle up to you on the sofa, but they can easily become your home’s – and cushions – worst nightmare. 

That is a lesson the owners of some of the UK’s naughtiest dogs and cats have learned the hard way. 

After receiving 150 entries from pet owners claiming their pet is the naughtiest, contents insurance providers, SO-SURE picked their top ten, with the winner taking home a £200 voucher. 

Layla, a one-year-old mixed breed from Haverfordwest, took home the first place after showing very little remorse when her horrified owners found out she ripped one of their sofa’s cushions to pieces, leaving a trail of white feathers behind.  

Meanwhile, 12-weeks-old Moggy cats Orion and Cleo, from Portsmouth, worked in concert to destroy the bathroom’s loo roll and got sixth place. 

And innocent-looking 12-weeks-old Sproodle Shelby thought she had everyone fooled, but the gaping hole in her owner’s sofa gave away her crime, earing herself the seventh spot. 

Red pawed! A gallery collated by Contents insurance providers, SO-SURE has exposed the UK’s naughtiest pets. Laya, a mixed breed from Haverfordwest was caught destroying all the cushions on her owner’s  sofa and covering the living room in feathers and took home the first space, and a £200 voucher 

Lightning, a Greyhound from Bournemouth, came in fourth place as making fast work of the old mattress topper his owner gave him as a new bed

A hole in the cover story! 12-week-old Sproodle Shelby’s innocent looks did not help her when her owners discovered a gaping hole in their leather sofa, which happened to be right next to her face. She got seventh place  

Someone call the referee! Evie, a playful Labradoodle from Leeds, looked brazenly smug when her owner realised she had chewed through their goal net. She arrived in second position 

Young Labradors are known to be particularly mischievous, and while she’s much quieter now that she is 13, Daisy, a beautiful chocolate-coloured Labrador, was a terror when she was younger. When she was two, she ransacked her owner’s kitchen while looking for treats, earning herself the third sport 

Buster the bulldog from Chelmsford does not look to be the mischievous type, but his owners have learned the hard way not to leave him alone with the sofa cushions when their covers are in the wash: he might be peckish. The six-year-old pup was ranked the UK’s sixth naughtiest pet 

Team work makes dream work! 12-weeks-old Moggy cats Orion and Cleo, from Portsmouth, worked in concert to destroy the bathroom’s loo roll and got the sixth position 

Derek the Dachshund, who lives in Leeds with his owners have developed a taste for ladies footwear. Indeed, his owner’s favourite pair of heels proved a very palatable snack and earned him the tenth spot on the list 

Small, but mighty! Gwynnie might be a miniature Dachshund, but the scale of her misdeed did not escape her owner, who found her rolling around on the floor, tucked in a pillow she had ripped open after playing with its foam. Gwynnie for fifth place

Leo, a  Red Fox Labrador from Truro, was caught red-pawed after ripping his swanky green and gray bed to shreds. But at least, the pup showed remorse, well aware that his action would be thrown upon. He arrived ninth

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