These buzzy online retailers are now Instagrammable in real life

Web-based brands have a hot new idea for you this holiday season: stores.

As the decade comes to a close, e-commerce companies — selling everything from sleek disposable razors to eco-friendly cleaning products to gender-specific vitamins — have come back around on traditional brick-and-mortar shops.

The reason? They want customers to experience and interact with their products, which roughly translate to the normal things that in-person shoppers do: touch fabrics, spray scents and try things on.

“I think it’s hard sometimes online to see what something is going to be like [until] you actually get it,” says Katie Hunt, co-founder of the Soho-based, multilevel store Showfields, which stocks hip products such as Hickies and S’well. “You get the Instagram ad, and you can’t tell whether or not it’s a really great branding job, or if those false eyelashes are really gonna look great.”

Here, five gift-shopping-worthy destinations that help bring buzzy internet-based brands to life.

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