These shoulder-baring ‘vaccine ready’ tops cost up to $300

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Call the P.C. fashion police.

Web-based fashion retailer is currently getting dragged by shoppers across social media who demand to know why the website would would create a section for “vaccine ready,” off-the-shoulder tops — priced between about $70 and $300.

Under the clothing category “Tops” appears the tagline “Vaccine Ready,” which presents 100 different styles of shoulder-baring blouses — from frilly peasant tops to body-baring bralettes — ensuring your arm is ready to receive a jab without so much as rolling up a sleeve.

“Shoulders out for the vaccine,” the site declares at the top of the product page.

Trendy brands featured on the page include Alice + Olivia, Free People and Norma Kamali.

The highly specific shopping category was revealed to may on social media when TikTok user @danni____cole shared a clip of her discovery, through uncontrollable giggling.

Excuse me as I get my $250 vaccine shirt next-day #greenscreen #fyp #revolve #shop #vaccine

She fist explained that she’d been on “manifesting” summer shirts when she noticed the unusual filter.

“I was scrolling and I was like ‘What’s this?’ They’re all shirts you can wear,” she said, breaking to laugh, “to your vaccine appointment.”

@danni____cole continues scrolling through options: “You could pick any of these, or these,” she chuckles out.

The video had garnered hundreds of thousands of views on TikTok before being picked up by the @Betches Instagram account, a popular women-led media company.

More than 1,300 comments on the post suggested followers were both delighted and dismayed by the fashion brand’s move to capitalize on vaccine-readiness.

“This is actually the most moronic thing I’ve ever seen @revolve,” derided one follower.

Others mocked the marketing by declaring “VAX GIRL SUMMER” and “Shot Girl Summer” — references to both Megan Thee Stallion’s 2020 hit “Hot Girl Summer,” as well as “rapper” Chet Hanks’ (yes, son of Tom) insistence that the summer to come will henceforth be known as “white boy summer.” His statement has since been relentlessly mocked on social media.

However, one wonders if the brand is on to something, as one recent coronavirus vaccine recipient revealed on Betches that they “basically had to disrobe in front of 100 people.”

“So maybe it’s not a bad idea,” they concluded.

Revolve did not respond to The Post’s request for comment.

As of Monday afternoon, 149 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines have been administered in the US, according to Bloomberg’s live tracker, with an average of about 2.76 million shots going out per day since January.

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