This Disney World Hack Will Ensure Both Parents and Kids Alike Have the Best Time

Planning a trip to Disney World can feel like an overwhelming task. Sure, it’s fun and truly makes everyone’s dreams come true (it’s the most magical place on Earth, after all), but getting there and feeling like you’re getting the most out of your trip can be anxiety-inducing. There are a million tips out there for how to plan a Disney vacation the right way, but trying to incorporate all those tips might just increase your stress levels more than assuage them.

So, from a mom who’s been there, here’s the one and only hack you really need to make your trip to Disney World as unforgettable as you hope it’ll be: focus on booking three things — lodging, dining, and FastPass+ — as early as the park will allow; then let the rest go. As my mom reminded me before my daughter’s first trip to Disney, “If you go on three rides, it will still be the best day of her life.” I agree, but getting on the rides she wanted, plus having a place to eat and sleep is kind of important, too.

Here’s the bare minimum of what you need to stress about to make your trip as magical as possible. Focus on these three things, and you’re golden.

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