This is the number of sexual partners the average Brit has had

A new YouGov survey has found the average number of people Brits have had sex with.

A total of 2,456 out of 4,006 UK residents polled were comfortable sharing how many sexual partners they’d had in their lives, and their answers were used to find the median – aka the middle number.

But before we get to the survey findings, remember that the idea of someone having slept with ‘too many’ or ‘too few’ people is a fallacy.

Sure, findings like these are interesting, but whether your number is at zero or you’re way above this one survey’s average number, don’t forget that there is no ‘perfect’ number of sexual partners for a person to have in their life.

So, with that clarified, just what was that average number? Four.

The survey also found that the average was five for men and three for women.

A quarter of respondents reported sleeping with 10 or more people, but there were gender differences here too, with 30% of men saying they’ve had at least 10 sexual partners compared to 20% of women. 

Meanwhile, 9% of the Brits who answered claimed to have not yet had sex, with 12% of men and 7% of women saying they were virgins.

Respondents over 60 were the age group most likely to have slept with one person in their lives, while on the other end of the spectrum, one in five (21%) aged 40-59 said they’d had sex with at least 15 people. 

That made 40-59-year-olds the age group who’d had sex with the most amount of people on average.

17 was the most common age when people lost their virginity, although answers ranged from 11 to 30 across demographics.

In the same way a person cannot be defined by their ‘body count’, it’s worth highlighting that virginity itself is just a concept and it’s about what feels right for you.

You may want to talk to a partner about sexual history for health reasons and to ensure your desires match up. However, this should be done in a non-judgemental way to promote open communication in all aspects of the relationship.

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