This Is What Cassie & Colton Plan On Doing After Their ‘Bachelor’ Journey

There you have it, Bachelor fans — Colton and Cassie got back together on The Bachelor. It was scary for about, oh, ten minutes, after Cassie broke up with Colton, causing him to cry, scream, jump over an eight-foot fence, and break up with every other woman still left on the show. But then he confessed his feelings or whatever, and Cassie changed her mind about changing her mind. But will Cassie and Colton get engaged on The Bachelor? They’re definitely not rushing things, TV wedding or not.

Cassie and Colton’s relationship has been fraught, to say the least — and they’ve only known each other for a few months. Just from filming until now. They’ve already broken up once! But Colton decided to pursue Cassie to the point in which she just couldn’t say no (which is a terrible example to give to young people watching the show), and they couple is together now. But one of the stipulations of Colton and Cassie continuing their relationship was that they would take it slow. Cassie needed time to be able to match Colton’s feelings — which is understandable — and even though Cassie and Colton did spend time in the Fantasy Suite, it doesn’t mean they’re getting married yet. "It’s definitely something we’ve talked about," Cassie said. Colton agreed, saying that they had room to grow and they were enjoying dating. Chris Harrison also tried to ask about the whole "virgin" thing, but Colton demurred, saying that he wouldn’t talk about it anymore because there were now two people in the relationship.

For now, they might not be walking down the aisle, but they’re sure going other places. Colton has just moved to Los Angeles to be close to Cassie (but they’re not living together — they were very clear about that), and they said on After The Final Rose that they would be focused on traveling and just spending as much time together as they possibly can. And Chris Harrison gifted them a special trip back to Thailand, where they had their first one-on-one date, so I guess they’ll get a stamp on their passport there one more time. Colton and Cassie are young, and there’s plenty of time for that more serious stuff in the future.

Cassie and Colton seem wonderfully adjusted for the fact that they both went through a good deal of psychological trauma on The Bachelor. It’s almost as if turning the cameras off and sending the production crews away allowed Cassie and Colton’s relationship to flourish and not suffocate. What a novel idea! Colton presented Cassie with the literal final rose, and these two honestly seem happier than ever. It took a lot for Colton and Cassie to get this far, but for now, these two crazy kids are just focusing on being together. I’m a cynic at heart, but perhaps it means that Colton and Cassie are applying the foundations to create a relationship that will last more than six weeks. Good for them, and best of luck to them in the future. I hope that Chris Harrison is invited to the wedding.

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