This Morning viewers left disgusted at guest’s ‘grubby’ mattress

Hygiene expert vacuums a bowl of grubby LIQUID out of a woman’s mattress on This Morning – as she admits she only changes her sheets every three WEEKS

  • This Morning featured a segment about cleaning mattresses on Friday’s show 
  • Brave volunteer Karen Alridge had her mattress inspected by a hygiene expert 
  • After it was hoovered the expert pulled out a murky bowl of dirty liquid
  • Viewers were disgusted, and took to Twitter to call it ‘rank’ and ‘grubby’ 

An unwitting This Morning guest left viewers disgusted when tests showed how grubby her bed is, thanks to never cleaning the mattress and only washing her sheets as little as once a month. 

The chat show was running a segment about the nasty things that hide in unclean beds, and went to the house of brave volunteer Karen Alridge, from Birmingham, to find out what was lurking in hers.

Karen admitted she only changed her bed sheets every three, or sometimes four, weeks, and doesn’t ever clean the mattress she’s been sleeping on for three years.

Alice Beer and hygiene expert Luke Rutterford hoovered the bed to find out what germs were lurking, and then revealed how they had captured a murky bowl of dirty liquid hidden in her mattress.

Rutterford warned she may also have dust mites in the fabric, prompting viewers to call her bed ‘rank’ and ‘grubby’.

On This Morning a hygiene expert pulled out a murky bowl of dirty liquid from volunteer Karen Alridge’s bed in her house in Birmingham (pictured) after vacuuming the mattress which she’s never cleaned since buying it three years ago

Karen admitted that she only changes her sheets every three weeks, and sometimes four weeks when things get ‘hectic’. Pictured on This Morning on Friday

Karen admitted that when things get ‘hectic’ she can leave her bed sheets up to four weeks without washing them.

Her mattress is just three years old while her son Joel’s was bought 12 years ago, and both – which have never been cleaned – were tested on the show.

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Rutterford hoovered both mattresses to see how dirty they were without any cleaning.

While Karen’s mattress looked squeaky clean to the naked eye, she was shocked by the bowl of dirty liquid that emerged.

Disgusted viewers took to Twitter to criticise the segment (pictured), with many branding it ‘rank’ and ‘grubby’

She said: ‘That’s shocking absolutely shocking. I cant believe how much dirt is in there.’ 

Viewers were left gobsmacked and took to Twitter to say that Karen should be cleaning her sheets more often.

One tweeted: ‘I reckon I could go my whole life without knowing how grubby people’s beds are.’

Hygiene expert Luke Rutterford said Karen might even have dust mites hiding in her mattress because she has never cleaned it (pictured)

Rutterford advises to hoover the mattress regularly (pictured) and change your bed sheets at least once a week

‘Not changing your bed for 4 weeks is rank,’ another said followed by sick emojis.

A third tweeted: ‘People don’t actually change their bedding for 3 weeks? #shocked.’

The show revealed that one in ten people will wait a month to change their bed sheets, and only a third of people will put fresh sheets on every fortnight.

The expert also examined Karen’s son Joel’s bed, which had even more dirt inside it hidden from the naked eye (pictured)

Rutterford (pictured with Alice Beer on This Morning) said sheets need to be washed on a hot wash over 60 degrees and at least once a week

Rutterford advised going over mattresses with a hoover to get rid of the dirt that you can’t see.

When cleaning the mattress windows should be kept open so it can be aired out. 

He said sheets should be washed at least once a week on a hot wash of over 60 degrees.

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