This new £6 eyebrow pen promises to give a microbladed look – without the fading or commitment

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From Love Island stars to Oprah, celebrities love microblading. The technique, which uses a small blade to delicately tattoo fake hairs, helps to give your brows a fuller appearance, even on makeup-free days.

However, the treatment can set you back upwards of £100 which is quite the investment to look perfectly preened. So we’ve been intrigued by “microblading make-up” that mimics the salon effect for a fraction of the price.

Both Benefit Brow Microfilling Pen, £22.50 here, and the bargain Lottie London Arch Rival Microblade Brow, £6.95 here, promise to give you the defined look for less money and commitment.

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Since a salon microblading treatment can last between 18-30 months, a pen or a pencil might also be perfect for those who aren’t sure whether they’ll like the look or not.

Beauty writer Akesha tested both the Benefit and Lottie London products to see if they really could achieve the look of microblading…

Akesha says

Being a total scaredy cat when it comes to cosmetic treatments, the sound of no-commitment microblading is right up my street. The finished look of a microbladed brow is second to none (think Kendal Jenner brows) and really makes rocking a fresh face less daunting but I am definitely interested in something less permanent.

The new Benefit Microfilling Pen claims to last 24 hours, which is about how permanent I like my makeup at the moment. It comes in four shades from blond to deep brown, which is the one I opted for.

To apply the product, you rake through your brows with the three-pronged tip, which creates light strokes to fill in your eyebrows. I would say that if you wear foundation, then make sure you avoid applying base to the brow area before using the Microfilling Pen as it doesn’t apply the best on top of makeup.

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On a makeup free face, it worked the best and did last all day. But the crucial question ­– did it look like microblading? I would say no as the brush strokes weren’t fine enough.

I actually felt like the cheaper product of the two, Lottie London Arch Rival Microblading Pen, worked better at mimicking the microblading phenomenon as the ‘hairs’ looks more realistic. This is because the tip is thinner and is four-pronged like a fork.

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The Lottie London offering, which comes in six shades, disappeared quicker though, and smudged a bit when I scratched an itch in my brows, which is not aligned with the microblading effect! But I’m sure that the results could be prolonged with a bit of clear brow gel.

Overall, I’m impressed by this alternative option to permanent brows, especially as it costs less than £7.

Talk about a bargain!

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